The Pleasure of Purpose

Dear Human,

You want to do something that makes you feel wonderful?

Something that makes you feel a sense of meaning in life?

Something that costs little or maybe even nothing but gains more riches than can possibly ever be store?

Then please my friends, do this …


So much peace and gentleness I wish for you.


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Slippery Cheeks

IMG_0918.JPG Dear Human,

Many of us feel this way every once in a while … and it’s ok.

Tears are the souls way of expressing pain or expressing joy. Tears are a sign that you are alive, that you feel and that something inside of you must come out to culminate an emotion.

If you feel a memory slipping out of your head and down your cheek, it’s okay. Let it.

Then take a deep breath and continue moving forward.


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What If?

“Do you not know then, that there is a battle raging for the mind of every human being?” ~ S. Bessi
Battle for the Mind

Dear Human,

What if that person who honked at you two minutes ago just found out they had cancer?

What if that driver, who like a slippery little snake stole your parking spot closest to the stores door, just got the news that her son was killed in Afghanistan?

What if that doctor who made you feel unheard or unimportant just learned that another patient of hers had just died and that patient was her father?

What if that homeless person who just asked for a dollar for a beer is homeless because he lost his mother and father when he was just a child … and the system couldn’t “fix” his broken heart and heal his broken mind?

What if that government leader who let you down had a life long dream of changing the world, only to grow up and find his or her self smack dab in the middle of a very paralyzed government; barely able to make just a few significant changes?

What if that boss who failed to affirm your excellent contribution to the building of his life long work  just learned that his business was bankrupt?

There are so many reasons why people behave the way they do. Most of which are not generally because they are jerks, worthless or inconsiderate. It’s usually so much more than that.

Perhaps people didn’t just learn of their tragedies in the moment when you felt offended. Perhaps they have been trying to figure out how to live with the information and emotions associated with theirs as and life experiences for years.

Who knows, maybe once upon a time one of “these” people were you or me.

Yes, there is a battle raging for the mind of every human being. No exceptions. Fortunately you are not your mind. Wonderfully you have the ability to filter how you will perceive your reality. Wondrously you can inform your mind that you, the sentient being with the desire to be FOR humanity, not against nor ambivalent toward it, choose to see it through eyes of truth. Incredibly you can reprogram your mind to see humanity everyday as the precious, rare and noble race of beings that it consists of.

What if we stopped seeing the offenses committed by other people and started seeing the person? What a different way to look at and experience life.

What a different world we would see.

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Use The Force

Dear Human,

Do you know that the invisible force of love is more powerful than any other?

That’s right. It cannot be touched nor held. It cannot be measured nor weighed. Yet once given away or received, it can transform a soul in a single second.

The indomitable force of love can instantly provide more meaning than any material thing ever could.

Do you remember that this force is in each and every one of you, just waiting to be harnessed and utilized?

This is the call of all who have the great privilege of living on earth in the form of human being: use the force to transform souls and change humanity.

By so doing the energy of the universe is greatly affected. By so doing, life as you know it would be radically different.


Today You Woke Up


Dear Human,

Today you woke up. That alone is a huge gift because many did not.

What did you spend your minutes and hours doing? Did you show gratitude for this great day of life that you were granted?

Did you take time to say a word of thanks to those who have always been? Did you bow your head humbly and utter the words “thank you” to the earth? Earth … the planet that continues to provide you with a place to plant your feet and build your temporary homes.

Did you explore another persons mind by reading a book?

Tell me my beautiful friends, what did you say or do with this day that was new, bold and daring?

It seems that there are far to many sleep walkers on this earth of ours. There are far to many souls missing out on the most beautiful experience ever – being human.

Today you woke up, what could be more precious and amazing than that?


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Finally Seen

Dear Human,

It’s clear to me that above all things you simply desire to be seen. Beautiful soul don’t you know you’re a very visible being?

You might ask, “what about me stands out on this rather populated earth?” I would answer most sincerely,  “the moment of your birth.”

Where you came from you can’t remember, even if with all your might you tried; yet I believe you once did – that’s why when you were born you cried.

Tears of joy you shed in the first few seconds of your life as human being. Not because of pain or hunger, but because YOU finally felt seen.

Here you experience existence in a space between birth and death; living every beautiful day, hopefully drinking in every breath.

As you grow older you will think more often about the place from where you came. You’ll wonder if upon your departure the pain will be the same.

Be assured that here in time and there in outer space you’ve always been seen; light as essence is no different than light as human being.

You may no longer remember that place from where you came. You may not know where it is you will go again.

The main thing is that you know that your essence will live on. Literally and in memory, long after you’re spirit moves on.

The picture that you leave behind in the eyes of all mankind, depends on how you live your life while existing here in time.

Leave footprints of compassion and genuine love for humanity. It’s your very acts of kindness that make your mark upon eternity … for all the universe to see.


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A Case of the Contagious

20140126-234906.jpg Dearest Human,

In case you didn’t know it already I feel terribly compelled to remind you that you aren’t expected to be perfect or always have your act together. As a matter of fact, there are no expectations of you at all except those you put upon yourself.

Sure others can and do try, but really what is in their mind has no power over you unless you give it to them.

It is seriously egoistic to think you should ever behave a certain way because that’s how I want you to be. Who am I to think that I should have that authority over you?

The worst thing one can get engaged in is expectations of others. We have zero, zip, nada, niente, absolutely no right to dictate another persons desires or actions. As a matter of fact we only frustrate ourselves and the poor victim(s) when we try to do so.

If we could only control it all, ALL would be perfect. That’s the lie.

So here’s an idea: let’s together try our hardest to remember that every other person on Earth is just like you and just like me.

They are human. They are born. They eat, love, cry, pray, fear, hope and eventually they all breakdown and die physically – just like you and me.

(wow Sheri is depressing me…)

Wait. This is going to get better.

Here’s the deal beautiful you: we are ALL subject to the same ups and downs, the same beginnings and endings and the same mistakes or successes.

(That’s better?)

This is good news because it means that we are all equally capable of creating a legacy that somehow leaves a dent in this universe before our departure from this planet.

Perhaps not all people will see the dent. But the dent of a famous man will not be felt any less than that of an unknown man. The universe is affected by everything any of us humans do.

The wonderful truth of this then is that we all equally possess great potential.

Every human on this earth can, if they put their heart and mind to it, make a brilliant change that betters an already amazingly beautiful existence.

It’s not a matter of expectation, rather a matter of desire. Desire only of “self” to be the best that you can be. Desire is like fire. It sparks the soul in such a way to seek out the necessary tools and resources to fulfill purpose.

So on the days when it isn’t going exactly the way you want, when you find yourself flustered or frustrated ask your “self” why?

Is it because someone didn’t live up to your expectations? If so change your expectations, they are wrong anyway.

However, if it’s because YOU aren’t living your dream, stop and look for the solution.

There is one, I promise.

Do yourself a favor though. When you begin to make the quest to actually live your dreams and fulfill your desires, know that you will not always be successful on the first attempt. Going in knowing this is paramount to your happiness.

Be realistic AND be a dreamer.

In other words precious member of the noble human race, shoot for the stars in regards to the desires of your heart, but always keep one foot firmly on the ground.💫

That’s how you’ll realize your full potential.

(finally she’s making some sense)

Oh, and remember one other little thing … because you exist the world is already a better place.

Simply … because … you … exist.

Imagine how much it would change reality if each and everyone of us humans were truly living at maximum contribution capacity as well as existing.

That’s my dream for myself.

I want to be awake, aware and an active member of my civilization. I want to really BE the difference I’d like to see in this world.

And then … I want to BE CONTAGIOUS.

Now go out there and practice some epic stuff!


Completley Peeled Away


Dear Human,

I can’t say all, but I can say behind MOST ugly there is indeed something beautiful just waiting to be found.

I can’t say all, but I can say behind MOST pain there is indeed a relief that can be experienced.

I can’t say all, but I can say behind MOST sadness there is indeed a joy waiting to be discovered.

As you live LIFE, you actually develop layers around the center pearl of your
essence – or as some refer to it, your soul. They are initially developed to protect your heart and mind. Some of these layers present themselves in the form of self-deception, excessive egoism, vanity, jealousy, arrogance, haughtiness, lies and basically any negative characteristic that you develop as a product of your environment and life “experiences”.

LIFE however loves you so much that it causes the outer layers to get punctured, withered or bruised; requiring the need to be peeled away, much to your dislike.

Could it be possible that each painful peel allows the opportunity to convert hopelessness into beautiful hope? Could it be possible that as you remove the layers that no longer serve you, you reveal more profoundly the amazing identity of your pure essence?

Could it be possible that you might even feel a wonderful weight lifted from carrying that which was not meant for you in the first place? Could it be possible that peeling away the layers brings you that much closer to being the light you already are?

Could it be possible that while the act of exposing layer after layer doesn’t always feel good, it does improve your ability to see the world, yourself and your purpose as HUMAN much more clearly?

LIFE is NOT like a box of chocolates, it’s rather more like an onion. It is often nasty tasting and makes you cry. But you know what; because of that nastiness the box of chocolates taste, smell and look more desirable than ever.

Oh precious human, know that something beautiful awaits you everyday. As you feel the burning and stinging of life’s layered lessons that seem never ending … remember they are ending.

Really embrace all the sensations of each and every day … for before you know it your life as human will be completely peeled away.


Relieved But Never Forgotten


Dear Human,

It is the despised who cry for others for they have known what it is to be unwanted.

It is the unloved who love deeply for they feel the aloneness of never being noticed.

It is the poor who give freely for they comprehend what it is to go without ~ never wishing such suffering upon another.

It is the judged who have great compassion for the misunderstood because they know what it is like to live with criticism.

If you are in any of these places I thank you.

It is because of you that my life is richer.

It is because of you that my mind possess wisdom.

It is because of you that my essence embraces compassion.

I was once all of these yet somehow life in her generosity saw it better to relieve me of such deep suffering.

Relieved but never ever forgotten …


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Like a Covered Star


Dear Human,

When I look at you through the eyes of my heart, I see so many things right from the start.

~ I see beauty bathing in needless shame ~

~ I see kindness basking in blazon blame ~

~ I see wonder trapped in dreadful doubt ~

~ I see depth trying so eagerly to climb out ~

~ I see curiosity staunched by ferocious fear ~

~ I see love standing inside you, nearer than near ~

When I look at humanity up close or from afar, I see so much light inside of you … like a covered star.

Please my beloved, don’t let your attributes be shadowed by a cloud.

Everything good is a part of your essence whether you see it or not … but what a waste to not see exactly what you’ve got.

You are love, you are kindness and you are full of grace. You are a beautiful, bright and an amazing member of the human race.

When I look at you through the eyes of my heart, do you know what I see regardless of, race, color, age, gender or any other “thing”?

I see a  brilliant light that shines so bright; a gifted, rare and extraordinarily might in you the sentient human being.


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The Mutation of Ugly


Dearest Humanity,

Do you believe somehow that you are not all connected? That essentially or essence-tially, you aren’t actually each other?

You may have different bodies and possess individual spirits, yet you share the same universal attributes which make your “spirit” a part of the collective entity of all that exists.

Look at it like this for a moment. It takes countless sub-particles to make one atom, millions of atoms to make one human cell – but it’s still just one cell. Individually YOU are the sub-particles of the atom within the single cell of humanity. You are so small in the strand of the universe’s DNA yet so large in the effect of the universes mutation, or as science would say – evolution.

It’s in these individual cells where things can go awry and change the entire original design of not only the human being but the universe itself.

You have the power to stop the mutation of ugly that is in part caused by pointing fingers at another humans faults. Equally your are able to start the regeneration of the beautiful cell of humanity by peering inward and guarding the beauty of your own essence, your very own sub-particle place in the atom of existence.

By keeping yourself from mutating into something you weren’t meant to be such as cruel, cold-hearted, hard, deceptive, and mean-spirited, you maintain and perhaps even improve the evolution of existence.

Just as the consistent rotation and tilt of the earth is capable of changing the weather, you are intrinsically capable of bringing about amazing tenderness, love, kindness, compassion and incredible wisdom to the DNA of humanity.

You are an irreplaceable yet mutatable thread in the fabric of the universe.

Don’t waste another moment of your precious time being anything other than the rare and noble member of the human race that you are in this second; because this second just passed and soon you will have no more, not here.

So the next time you start to point outward or direct your attention to other people’s mistakes, failures or unusual and cruel behavior, take a moment to stop and look up.

That’s where you are from.

That is also where your spirit relatives that you were almost going to judge as worse than you are from. Out there … that’s every sentient beings real home.

Be the change you want to see. Help to restore –  not negatively redesign humanity.


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Because You Can

Dear Israel and Palestine Citizens,

Precious souls. The world is ready for your example.

20140730-005304-3184722.jpg My faith lies in your creating peace and unity.

Show this world what you are really capable of doing. Lead.

Because you can.


Do You Know?

20140805-121629-44189431.jpg Dearest Human,

Do you know that today you could actually be the medicine that heals a broken heart? Today you might even be the soothing balm upon a raging sore in another persons mind.

It’s easy to forget just how little it takes to brighten someone’s otherwise dark and dreary day.

The light you carry in you in the form of love, thoughtfulness, kindness, gentleness, compassion, and genuine concern can change not only another’s day, but it has been known to actually save many a life.

Use your light. That’s why it’s been given to you.


We Are The Nations

20140303-233036.jpg Dear Few Who Rule the Many,

Please wake up to the chaos caused by your selfish intentions to have power and you arrogant attempts to possess people and land.

It’s not wrong to be powerful and possess things so please don’t misunderstand. It’s very wrong however when it disrupts the well being of every child, woman and man … upon any land.

Do you not remember that WE are the NATION?

Or have you allowed a veil to cover your eyes to the fact that nation = man?

Dearest few who rule the many, remember YOU also are the nation. You too are essence plus human being. You too are gifted to live in this wonderful, mesmerizing, and glorious existence between birth and death.

For the love of your short years on earth please open your eyes, see the truth, and use your gifts and positions to give us – “the nations” a very needed rest.


A member of one nation (humanity) under god (the ultimate source) indivisible (made of the very same universal elements) and with justice for all (humans, animals and nature) otherwise known as THE UNIVERSE.”

~ Sheri

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Photo Quote: Sheri Bessi
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I wonder If You Know


Dear Human,

I wonder if you know all the beautiful that lives in you. Beautiful essence so pure and true.

I wonder if you know all the kindness that you’re capable off. Kindness that only comes from up above.

I wonder if you know the power of each word you speak. Power to heal, power to love, power to teach.

I wonder if you know how important you are. Every little scar, every large flaw.

I look at you and see the amazing human you are designed to be. I wonder if you understand the miracle I see.


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Making The News

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore

Dear Human,

In case you didn’t know, John Barrymore was widely known as the greatest Shakespearean actor of his generation. He married four times and actually left this beautiful and often tragic dream called life, while performing live on a radio show. He refused to give up his love of acting or even his love of love. He chased his dreams and lived his life all the way until his very last breath.

Why? What motivated him to such passion?

Perhaps it was because he refused to accept modern day wisdom that wants humanity to believe there is a time that one should raise the white flag, throw the towel in, acquiesce and accept that your best days are behind you.

A lie is being spread that humans should watch the news instead of make the news. A rumor has it that you should read about history versus making history. Even worse, someone started convincing humans that there are golden years that consist of rocking chairs where you can sit and reflect upon what could have been or should have been.

Please I ask of you, don’t listen to them. Listen to your soul. Listen to that voice deep within.

A life defined by dreams instead of regrets creates an energy that is ageless. Dreams have the ability to propel you forward as if you are still a child, overflowing with enthusiasm and curiosity! Of all things that are, dreams influence your perspective the most. They have a way of transforming negativity and a sense of meaninglessness into hope and purpose.

You work to achieve your goals, but you chase after your beautiful dreams. Dreams tap into your core beliefs, the very things you fight for and die for.

History has proven one thing to anyone who has eyes to see. Man will work for a buck, but he will die for what he believes in, for his dreams, even for his pride.

Be a dreamer dear and precious human, and by so doing, change the world, make the news, BE the history.


Because you can, and you should. After all, not all of life experiences are what you want, but all of this life we have been granted is good.