“What is a throne?”, she asked. “It’s a seat of honor for those who are pure of heart”, he replied. She looked down at her own chair, then closed her eyes and cried. – Sheri S Bessi

Dear Human,

Life can be beautiful if you can master the game of thrones. A game requiring understanding as you gradually come into your own. A game where power isn’t exercised over other people, places or things. A game that can be only won by humanities truest kings and queens.

The game of thrones puts the life of every human being on display. It’s a game that challenges humanity every single day. The weapons to succeed reside in every person living inside of time. Ascending to the seat of honor happens when you let essence guide your mind.

The real game of thrones has nothing to do with the amount of money that you make. It’s not about the people subject to you nor the lofty titles that you take. It is not about being smarter, lovelier, or superior to another whose own victory’s at stake.

This game is about learning to live and love unconditionally then giving that life and love away. It’s about using goodness, kindness, pain and suffering to navigate you through the day.

In order to be victorious you must have eyes that see and ears that listen to the whispers of your soul. You must fully grasp that only over self do you have absolute control.

Existence is mystical, it’s no mistake that you’re the only one you’ve ever fully known. Know yourself intimately therefore, that you might win the right to sit upon that throne.


Photo Credit: Nicolas Roerich – Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

Dear Human,

Did you know that the majority of the entire earth is suffering from the worst possible sickness ever? A most catastrophic world-wide epidemic? No, it’s not global warming, no it’s not economic nor political chaos, no it’s not a disease such as Ebola, Cancer, or Aids. It is not even violence, war, nor hatred.

Nonetheless, humanity has a malignant tumor. Somehow, for some unknown reason, the human beings of human-ity have forgotten who they are. That’s correct. The sickness that is the real cause of all of the above is a disease I call  “IDENTITALLY ILL”. It’s a true identity crisis. We have lost touch with the fact that humanity is not two, it is not ten, it is not five million nor even eight billion.

Humanity is one.

Much like the body is made up of billions of molecules, humanity consists of billions of humans. And like each molecule that is mysteriously programmed to serve the body so that the heart will beat, the lungs will breath, the kidneys will cleanse and disease and infection can be held at bay, so each person in the organism of humanity has an equally mystical responsibility and obligation to collaborate with one another for the proper functioning of the whole humanity.

People, much like mutated cancerous body cells, have forgotten that we are one entire body, and this miraculous body made of sentient humans needs every single one of its’ beings to be cognitive of their original design. Think about how amazing it is that each person alive is a crucial member of the only known humanity in the solar system, possibly even the galaxy and even quite possibly the entire universe.

Indeed your rareness makes you all the more beautiful and noble. Your existence in humanity makes each of you so valuable, exquisite and truly priceless. Your worth is far more than any amount of gold or diamonds that could ever be mined. Once you really comprehend your extreme rareness and your role in the well being of the life of humanity, you will simultaneously begin to cure the “identity” disease that is causing the catastrophic destruction of mankind.

You are not an accident. The only way that the organic entity of humanity can be healthy, and more importantly that we, the miracle of the cosmos, can survive, is to begin again to perform together and harmoniously, the many functions necessary to keep mankind amazing, unique, and most importantly, beautiful.

You are a rare and noble member of the one human race. You are a worthy. You are miraculous. You are needed. Your personal contribution to the whole of society does matter.

Seek to be restored to your magical, mysterious, intelligent place in humanity. Recall, and then behave as you were designed too. Help stop the mutation that is causing the malignant tumor by remembering your majestical identity.

Precious and beautiful sentient beings, love and protect one another, as you were originally designed to do.

From deep within I share these thoughts with you.

One part of humanity known as Sheri

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Dear Human,

You are important
You are needed
You are lovable
You are valuable
You are worthy
You are beautiful
You are capable
You are enough

Anyone who says otherwise has forgotten or has never understood this about his or her self.


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Dear Humanity,

We are ALL a reflection of each other.

Like a mirror we absorb in and reflect out.

Everything that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch goes into the mirror of our mind. Within a nano second we subconsciously run it through our “previous life experience” filter, which is where we store all the reflections of everyone and everything that we have ever encountered.

Finally, as fast as we took the image, smell, taste or touch in, we project it out for others to see and experience.

One way or another, we reflect everything and everyone we observe. We are all in some weird and strange way … each other.

Let’s be good, kind, loving, compassionate and sensitive reflections then. Isn’t that how you want to represent me? I know it is how I wish to reflect you, because I can and because I should.


Dear Human,

When you really stop and think about it, there isn’t anything that should keep people from loving and meeting each others basic needs is there?

Kindness, compassion, charity, and brotherly love are intrinsic to the human nature. The ultimate expression of humanness may very well be random acts of these virtues.

So why is it that humanity often behaves as monsters, just walking right by the suffering as if they don’t exist?

Why do humans pour their life water into activities that do not seem to be able to clean up the weeds of continued pain and suffering?

Do you really believe that politicking, protesting and wars are the SOLUTION to what you see happening on your earth?

They’re not.

But what might happen if you took that time, that money, that activism and actually directed it at a person and not a cause … just to start … before joining any other form of lobbying for change?

There is a reason you know, that the golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When you are feeding the poor, hugging the hurt, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless and tending to the sick, you are implementing the change everyone so desperately wants to happen.

Exercise your own true and natural virtues before you try to get others to change their ways.

Practice the GOLDEN RULE and watch the world change, one kind act at a time, one helping hand multiplied by millions of helping hands per moment.

There is no need to scream at other humans and at the worlds political parties to bring about change. Why? Because you are that other human, you are the government, the GMO, the United Nations. But mainly precious person, it is because you will discover through random acts of your exquisite and innate character that which has been in you all this time.

You, each rare and noble member of the human race, are the only true hope for the change you wish to see.


One People
Dear Grown Up,

Life is a very interesting thing, something one cannot fully understand even when fully seen.

I live on earth, moving about, all grown up, no longer a child, identifying myself as human being.

As an adult I have the language skills needed to collect and express what I see and feel. Yet only certain moments seem to be captured in my memory reel.

For example, what was I doing on March 3rd at 3:33 pm?

Of all the decades that I have been alive, I might have four real hours of memories … maybe five.

Where are all the rest?

It seems that memories are connected to my degree of consciousness in any given frame of time. When I’m sensitive to my environment and awake in my spirit, those particular memories are burnt into my mind.

Yes life is very interesting as I sit and write this letter to you my friend. Will I remember this exact moment by the end of next weekend?

I want to be conscious of every second of my precious time. We get so very little of it, to waste any of it’s a crime. So I’ll practice being present. I’ll try constantly to be alert. I’ll work really hard to take in everything. In every moment I’ll do my best to be in tune with my reality.

I’ll take back my mind and re-condition it to be acutely aware of all I see. I think this is the only path to set my consciousness free.

So let it be.


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Dear Human,

Sometimes I get tired of writing and working and doing house stuff like laundry, cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors.

So what do I do?

I stop and think. I just sit down and think. It’s true. I just sit down and think about lots of things.

I think about all of time that is passing by, like a twinkling star in the sky. A star that has been gone for millions of years, yet it’s light still shines.

I think about how precious is our time that we have here.

I think about why we are not wise enough to give away all that we are? About how each of us are brilliant enough to outshine any star. And I wonder why we don’t …

I know we are humans trying to find our way; yet we can make a difference until our dying day. These are the things I really think about whether I’m at work, cleaning the house or at play.

You might think life is all about destiny, and maybe it’s true, maybe we are all exactly where we should be. Or maybe we are just hiding behind fear – all the amazing beauty that we can be?

Everyday, all day long I ask what am I doing here? Am I just filling time, just living year to year? I hope not, but I confess the fear is ever near.

I know I have nothing to share that someone else hasn’t already failed to impart. I just give you these words that come fresh from my heart …

… as I sit here and think about life.


Dearest Human,

Dear Human,

The infamous Sherlock Holmes once said, “When you eliminate the impossible, what ever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

I love the grandness of the realm of possibilities, how about you? Do you think about this often, if even at all?

It’s easy to get tunnel vision in life. It’s so common for so many to live and function every day for decades of life in a little “life” bubble.

Do you understand how limiting this is? Do you know at all what you are passing up? Do you grasp the possibilities that could be yours if only you started to imagine them?

I urge you not to miss out on the bigness of existence because you forgot to, or got discouraged and gave up on, dreaming big.

I urge you to remember it’s possible to go into your mind and reconnect with those imagination skills you left with your 3rd grade teacher.

Life is an amazing trip. It’s the best roller coaster ride ever. It’s the scariest haunted house I’ve ever been in. It’s the most beautiful castle I’ve ever visited. It’s the land of reality and imagination. It’s the realm of existence where dreams can come true.

So just how do you start? What is the practice that must begin in order to start living your limitless life? Eliminate the “im”-possible and anything you can think of, anything you can dream of, anything you can imagine becomes totally possible.

Give it a try my fellow travelers on this road of life. Start today. I promise you, it will change your life.


IMG_3608.JPG Dear Human,

Do you know what it’s like to be a person who has been beaten, broken and utterly betrayed?

Have you ever believed in someone for your safety, security, and love, and then had it all ripped from you with just a blow of one hand?

Can you fathom being trapped in a relationship where the only way your intimate partner can feel powerful is to exercise control over – or control of – another soul?

Imagine if you can, the terror a person feels when their very life or the lives of their children are threatened because they won’t comply with their oppressors demands.

Comprehend if at all possible, putting yourself in a place where you instigate a conflict that will lead to a blow, that will result in your very own blood to flow … because you know it’s coming and you just want to get it over with.

If you can do any of the above, the chances are likely that you are 1 of the every 4 women or 1 of the every 6 men in the United States who has been or is currently a victim of Domestic Violence.

In the 10 minutes it will take me to post this letter 120 men, women and children will have been abused.

What can anyone do to help empower these precious human beings?

The first thing you can do is speak up and speak out against this horrible reality that exists not only in our country, but on this earth.

Start there, show you care just by starting there. The rest will come to you. Use your voice stop the violence of another person’s hand.


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Poor little child so hungry tonight, with no one to rally and fight for your plight, you are not forgotten.

Dear precious person alone on the street, no place to rest your head or wash your feet, you are not forgotten.

To those who are dazed and confused, as liquid deception into your arms you infuse, you are not forgotten.

All who fear the one who strikes you again and again, bruises upon your delicate skin, you are not forgotten.

Sufferer of pain in this world of beauty and light, compelling you to give up tonight, you are not forgotten.

Dearest human, my hearts eyes see you as if your were in plain sight, and with my all my might I’m fighting your fight.

Please know you are not forgotten.


Dearest Humanity,

Often when you least expect things that’s when things happen.

For instance, when you are down and at your lowest point, you find something down there you wouldn’t have otherwise found; some sort of wisdom, some kind of hope, a new understanding of self. And amazingly you are able to bring it up with you when you crawl out of your funk.

Or like when you are feeling blue, you start to think about yourself, others and life in general, in ways you might not have if you were abundantly happy. You see love differently and you appreciate joy so poignantly, to the point that you crave it’s return.

Perhaps it’s when you are low on cash, low on food, low on hope is when you actually take the time to think about the moments that you weren’t; and to gain a new sense of gratitude for what you had.

Life can sometimes be hard, but I think it’s only because sometimes that is what it takes for humanity to learn to appreciate what we have.

There are way to many on earth right now who have nothing. They have no food, no water, no shelter, no safety, no security, no love, no shoes, and no relatives. Yes, there are many humans on earth right now who are this exact person.

So unless you are homeless, without a penny to your name, without any food, at all, living in a war torn country or dying from a disease I urge you to love life exactly as it is right now, and strive always for improvement.

Because you can, and because you should.


Dear Human,

If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.


Dear Humanity,
IMG_3087.JPG Love,

Dear Human,

Why should you cry? Why should you NOT listen to those who tell you that crying is for the weak? Why should you allow your tears to flow?

Crying reflects more than pain.

Crying is the outward expression of an inward and intangible emotion that our minds and mouths cannot find words for.

Tears reflect happiness, joy, gratitude, fear, and even hope. Tears don’t always mean pain.

So if you feel like crying, both men and women, then by all means cry. It is healing, it is revealing, it is deep, and it is another way for you to speak.


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Dear Human,

You matter.

Every breath you take, every word you speak, every smile you share, every hug you give, makes a difference to someone somewhere.

Never forget how powerful your very existence is.

Never forget that even the smallest of your actions can be felt, though they seem but a ripple upon the waves of humanity.

Be kind. Be love. Be compassion. Be gentleness. Be truth. Be equality.

BE … cause you can.





Dear Human,

We cannot truly
what one feels,
thinks or even
really knows.
We can only
partially “interpret”
what another soul
believes in based
on their outward
actions or upon
their words.

But even so … those
glimpses of action
are not 100%
representative of
the soul as a whole.

Remember this
before you
judge or compare.


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