Dear Human,

Have you ever looked around and wondered why everything is what it is? Or wondered why you exist?

Or perhaps in your smallness you instantly understand how magical it is to be aware of yourself? And suddenly you and life seems bigger than it ever has?

Those are the moments you remember.

Mindfulness is powerful stuff.



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Dear Human,

If all you have is hope, you have enough.

Life is your story. Find a way to turn the ugly inside out.

Love, Sheri


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Dear Human,

And so your day seemed ordinary like all of your yesterday’s. Nothing new to report. Or maybe only something painful and seemingly not worth talking about.

But is that true? Is there ever “nothing” in your life as sentient being that isn’t newsworthy?

Those who understand the gift of every breath they take, understand that in life nothing is ordinary.

They see hope. They find small things that take their focus to the beautiful places that only their minds can go. And they know that yesterday is gone and today is all they are guaranteed.

But more importantly, they are not led by their past. They use their yesterday’s to bring light into their today. For they don’t live there anymore.

They rarely even visit but to glean from it that which will make their NOW more beautiful.

Oh that we all could live for the moment while dreaming for the ‘morrow.

Love, Sheri

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