The Game of Thrones


“What is a throne?”, she asked. “It’s a seat of honor for those who are pure of heart”, he replied. She looked down at her own chair, then closed her eyes and cried. – Sheri S Bessi

Dear Human,

Life can be beautiful if you can master the game of thrones. A game requiring understanding as you gradually come into your own. A game where power isn’t exercised over other people, places or things. A game that can only be won by humanities truest kings and queens.

The game of thrones puts the life of every human being on display. It’s a game that challenges humanity every single day. The weapons to succeed reside in every person living inside of time. Ascending to the seat of honor happens when you let essence guide your mind.

The real game of thrones has nothing to do with the amount of money that you make. It’s not about the people subject to you nor the lofty titles that you take. It is not about being smarter, lovelier, or superior to another whose own victory’s at stake.

This game is about learning to live and love unconditionally then giving that life and love away. It’s about using goodness, kindness, pain and suffering to navigate you through the day.

In order to be victorious you must have eyes that see and ears that listen to the whispers of your soul. You must fully grasp that only over self do you have absolute control.

Existence is mystical, it’s no mistake that you’re the only one you’ve ever fully known. Know yourself intimately therefore, that you might win the right to sit upon that throne.


Photo Credit: Nicolas Roerich – Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

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Even On Your Worst Days

Dear Human,

Even on your worst days life is still life.

Even on your worst days you still get to see the sun rise and set and the moon wax and wane.

Even on your worst days the earth still spins on it’s axis and the planets still continue their voyage around the sun.

Even on your worst days you still get to marvel at the beauty of the snow and rain and mud and mountains and oceans and stars and so much more.

Even on your worst days you can do one, some or all of these: you can walk, talk, smell, taste, and/or touch.

Even on your worst days someone such as your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter or simply and only God … loves you deeply.

Even your worst days are beautiful days, because they are opportunities to find the other side of ugly in your circumstances and turn that day into a purposed and meaningful day.

Even on your worst days, your worst days EVER, you still breathe in and out, your heart still pounds, your mind still thinks (even if only barely) and your emotions are still active.

Even on your worst days you still have the chance to be kind, loving, compassionate and spiritual.

Even on your worst days … you are still an individual member of the noble human race and an integral part of the collective consciousness that consists of our essence.

Even on your worst days … you still ARE.

I’d say dear human that even your “worst days” are truly incredible days just waiting for you to understand the extreme miracle of your very existence.


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The Profound Perfectness of You


Dear Humanity,

The Earth is indeed an amazing planet to inhabit. Much as you are a most amazing member of her society.

Like humanity, this little blue dot in the grandiosity of space has so much to offer.

Mesmerizingly large trees with roots strong enough to crack open the ground. Flowers with shapes, colors and smells that one has difficulty describing them to those who cannot see. Rocks and mountainous terrain with such diverse shape, texture and mineral makeup. Volcanoes that expand the earths land mass. Powerful enough to send molten lava hundreds of feet into the air. And fields. Fields of grass calling the soles of your feet to come and walk your body upon her softness; desiring you to feel connected through her gentleness to this planet you call home.

Then there is the sky. A sky so blue or so black and filled with more stars than your eyes can count. It is everywhere all the time. It is so vast because it isn’t a sky, it is outer space. Constantly projecting the sun and moon, the planets and asteroids or the fantastic nebulas that constantly show off their ability to birth new life. 

And though the hugeness of outer space contains millions of galaxies and maybe more, they do not fill up hardly any of the space in outer space.

You may call earth your home. And it’s true, the body you live in resides upon this planet. But you, the souls that live in the human being, I think you are the children of outer space.

Outer space seems like the great spirit which is everything. Spirit, a word that defines existence in totality. And the universe? Perhaps she is the beautiful creation of the spirit, to house all that is. And you, the soul? Might you be the children of the spirit?

I only know that right now this is how I perceive things.

Can you sense it too? How much more glorious your essence is than even the entire universe?

You have been birthed from the womb of spirit. You have in your very essence everything that exists. Beauty, color, softness, light, darkness, heat, cold, thought, reason, logic, order, chaos, silence, power, weakness and most amazingly ~ spirit. How could you be the beloved offspring of spirit without possessing spirit? Instinctively do you sense that you were not created, but you were born?

Yes, to me you are the jewel of the spirit. Why? Because unlike the universe, in the one little you that was birthed by spirit, is the hugeness of all that is.

Now can you see the profound perfectness of you?


Photo: Google Images

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