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Your life, as well as countless others, just might hinge upon watching this video.

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“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” – Horace Mann

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Stop the Noise

Dear Human,

I was beginning to feel deeply saddened, frustrated, irritated even, by everything that seems wrong upon this earth.

My mind was like a television, blasting with dreadful news of suffering, war, needless death and other thoughts I cannot birth.

20140415-154508.jpg So I slid on to bended knees … breathed out … and let go of what I can’t control.

I realize a little better the value of things that cause pain. I know a little deeper that everything that happens in life is purposed – and somehow meaningful gain.

Now that my mind is quite, I see some of the things I know deep down inside. I understand misery, I accept suffering like I do joy – as part of life’s beautiful ride.

“Ssshhh,” I say unto myself, “There’s so much inside of you that is just waiting to be heard.”

And in this moment of calmness, when I relinquish my mind unto my soul; I find that I am able to understand better the things I already know.


The Void Within

20140414-202500.jpg Dear Human,

It has been said that the poor are often the most generous and kind-hearted while the rich tend to be the most greedy and selfish.

Why? Why would anyone with means to help purposefully choose not to?

Ultimately both the rich and poor move on, leaving all possessions behind.Somewhere along the timeframe of humanity, people have been conditioned to believe that having “stuff” will make them happy or content.

Stuff isn’t evil.

People aren’t evil.

Sometimes however when good people believe they need more stuff to fill the void in their inner core, the end result is greed and selfishness – very ugly characteristics.

Hence the need to acknowledge that the void within exists.

Hence the need to know what the void actually is.

Hence the need to discover what truly fills that void.

There once was a king who suffered with this sense of “voidism” and decided to search the world over for his true happiness. He had all the riches, all the power, all the women, beautiful genetics and even the favor of his God. In the end King Solomon conceded that everything that he possessed or conquered was meaningless.

None of the money, power, possessions or sex filled THE VOID.

What he discovered was that his void consisted of a lack of purpose and meaning. So he set about to change his mind about what made his life rich. He dedicated the remainder of his life to searching for wisdom as if for hidden treasure, for meaning as if for gold. This has earned him the wonderful honor of having the reputation of “Wise King Solomon” these last 3000 years.

What I personally have discovered is this: the more I give of myself, my heart, my time, what little wisdom I have gained, the more meaningful my life feels. Purpose becomes the keeper of my heart. Giving fills my wallet of “meaning” so full that I must continually spend.

How about you? What are you investing in? Are you giving or hoarding? Do you feel the void and try to fill the void in ways that will only lead to a greater sense of emptiness?

Purposeful love, kindness, compassion, generosity and presence lends to deep meaning and a true sense of contentment, regardless of whether you are suffering or living in the lap of luxury.

Once you start making purposeful love a daily lifestyle, once you begin the process of reprogramming your mind to think outside of time or inside of eternity - the blinders that keep you from seeing your personal purpose will begin to open. You might find yourself very surprised at how much light there is and how blinded to true joy you have been.

Like the late King Solomon, the richest man on earth in his day, if you want you can carve a path with your life that other minds can stroll upon long after you are gone.


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Photo Quote: Sheri S. Bessi

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Identify Yourself Please

20140410-195439.jpg Dear Human,

How many times have you reminded yourself today who you really are?

“Amazing Human” is not something said by many to the best of my knowledge.

In all reality of all the katrillions of living things that exist, only a scant seven billion have the privilege of identifying themselves as sentient human being.

That’s like WOW material in light of how extremely never ending and countless are the very things that exist!

When identity is no longer based on your role, race or gender but rather on your true eternal essence then your self-talk will surely change.

Knowing without question who you are is paramount to your ability to make the contribution you are meant to make to ALL that exists.

Please, give yourself permission to BE who you are.

You are a part of the universe. You are made up of the same elements of the stars that first existed when the universe was born. And you are a temporary member of the rare and noble human species.

By remembering who you are you will change the energy you emit to your family, spouse, friends, neighbors, and the very universe itself.

Imagine, just imagine the difference you could make.

Dearest human, Identify yourself – please!


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67,000 MPH


Dear Human,

Do you realize that you are on a planet that is flying through space at 67,000 MPH yet still managing to stay within the orbit of its own sun?


I could try to tell you but that would take a long time.

Instead, think about all the various processes that must simultaneously happen in order to ensure your very existence; both as a being (miracle) and as citizen capable of “staying put” on planet Earth (another miracle).

Your being here on this planet moving at this speed traveling within this galaxy as it travels in this ginormous and ever expanding universe is no small thing.

Do you ever contemplate what this world look like if you didn’t exist?

Look at the roads that you drive on.

Look at the houses and buildings that surround you, devised by the human mind and made with human hands.

Look at the electrical lines that channel universal energy in such a way that you can have warmth and light (amongst many other things).

Look at the telephone and cellular towers that manipulate and direct sound waves so that you can see and speak to someone on the complete opposite side of the planet, or from the very moon itself for that matter.

Look at your TV and radio; instruments that allow you to hear beautiful music or watch programs that make you laugh or cry.

Now, pick up a mirror and look at you.

YOU are responsible for everything you just looked at.

You – the very child of the heavens, purposed to evolve with the universe not just live in it.

Some might say (and rightly so), that you are hurting the earth with all your inventions and ambitious activities. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.


Because that very same YOU is magical.

You are mystery. You are magnificent.
But above all, you are a masterpiece.

You are eternal essence and energy modeled after the very universe itself. If that’s not extraordinary nothing is.

In order to BE all that you were designed to be, you have to be aware of the fact that there is a well of universal wisdom and understanding inside of you waiting to spring up and overflow.

Not just to build and invent things for earth’s use, but to expand your mind so that your contribution as conscious beings can make an eternal imprint on the universe itself.

In what way?

An aware mind is more likely to be compassionate, generous, thoughtful, thankful, peace oriented, sensitive and respectful to others and self.

Those simple actions have the power to change.

Dear sentient human being give to mankind something clean. Make it gentle, make it kind, make it something that transcends space and endures time.

Why? Because you can. And because you’ll like others and yourself more if you do.


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Purple Dragons

20140408-001457.jpg Dear Human,

Has anyone ever asked if you had to come back to earth as an animal what animal you would want to be?

My precious baby girl (she’s 10 and not mine) asked me this question today and I asked her if it had to be real.

She said slowly, “Well, what kind of animal do you feel like?” I replied very honestly in return, “Well, I don’t really feel like an animal.”

She looked at me with a tilted head and her big beautiful eyes and said so innocently and matter of factly, “You are a purple dragon Amma, let me draw a picture of how I see you.”

She proceeded to do so and as she was I decided to look up the meaning of purple dragons.

What if she was seeing a monster?

What if she thinks I’m going to spit fire at her and burn her to smithereens?

And then when I clicked on this (and many more to see if the meaning was different) I don’t know why, but I felt blown away.

Then I checked my twitter and a follower had taken my profile picture and a mystical picture and some words and created this collage.

It’s interesting how others see me. It’s not how I see myself. Actually, I don’t really see myself in anyway, which makes these all the more bewitching to me.

Thank you baby Rea.

Thank you Twitter friends, thank you WordPress friends, thank you FB, Pinterest and Instagram friends. The way you honor me completely blows me away…



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What if the World Stopped Spinning


BY: Jan Krause Greene


What if the world stopped spinning?

If it just stood still on its axis and refused to move?

If at every latitude and longitude, the sun and moon
stayed still?

What if somewhere it is always sunrise and somewhere
else the sun is always setting?

What if some live forever in total darkness and
others in unrelenting light?

What if the earth just took a stand and said,
“I will not turn once more, not one degree,
not even the 100th of a degree, until you learn to love me?”

What if the earth were to shout to us, “I have done all
I will do for you. I will not provide succulent morsels
for your wasteful tongues after you rape me
with violence and pollution?”

What if she told us that she was finished
with the struggle, that it just was not worth it anymore?

What if she screamed in anger and in pain,
“I have no more tears to shed for you.
You have hurt me more than I am willing to endure.
You come to me for everything you need
and give nothing in return.”

What if she said in a voice full of despair,
“ It is too hard to sustain life when you
choose to kill and maim each other as a
way to solve problems.”

“I can not keep spinning. I will no longer
enable you to destroy us both. I have
given all I have to give. It is your turn now.”

What if in the bright light of the un-turning world,
we could never stop seeing all that we have
taken from her, if we were forced to stare at desolation?

What if in the perpetual darkness we could
never again see the beauty of a flower, a tree,
a mountain stream, waves breaking on the sand?

What if some lived in the glory of an eternal dawn
or the beauty of an eternal sunset, knowing that
the rest of the world would never ever see it?

If it was you, could you stand to know that you
were one of the few to be so lucky? Knowing
that so many are denied light and so many
others never given the respite of the dark?

What if we had no choice? What if the earth just
stopped giving? What if there was nothing we
could do to change her mind?

No pleading, no promises, no planting trees,
no conserving energy, no cleaning polluted
waters, no small gestures to show we care.

Would we realize how small these gestures are?

Would we be sorry that we did not do more?

What if it was too late? What if the world just
couldn’t take it anymore?

By Jan Krause Greene
Author of  ‘I Call Myself Earth Girl’

What if the world stopped spinning?
Cover of my novel!

I loved this so much and I tried to reblog it, but on my page the colors of the letters showed up black and were unreadable. I hope you will take time to go to Jan’s website where you will find many more beautiful articles. She is a lover of all things good, a beautiful soul and an excellent writer.


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Inquisitive Universal Ranger

20140405-221107.jpg Dear Human,

Cars crash all the time as you buzz from hive to hive, yet you still get inside of them and to many places drive.

Planes go missing in mid-air with no explanation as to where or why, yet you still board them and to different destinations fly.

Homes get robbed every day, strangers hauling your stuff away; but inside these houses that you build you’re determined you will stay.

Relationships deteriorate and people get divorced, yet couples still get married and together try to navigate life’s course.


Because deep down inside of your being you know that regardless of all the earthly dangers, like the stars in the sky you’re fearless and inquisitive universal rangers.


Photo Credit: Google Earth

Bending Minds


Dear Human,

You know that you are here for a reason yet for the most part every person asks the question, “Why?”

Somewhere deep inside of you the answer does reside. If you wish to discover it you must truly look inside.

It may not lead to popularity or fame as some have desired; yet what you’re called to do is heavenly inspired.

Live a life that is true to what you understand; by doing so you can touch the lives of every hu-man.

Never doubt your value nor the reason why to earth you were sent. Believe within your essence you are here to make a dent.

Bend the minds and hearts of those with whom you now collide. Help others to understand the beauty of their earthly ride.

When time has passed and you’re long gone from life as human being; you’ll know without a doubt that your essence was truly seen.


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Life is too Short to Wait

20140330-001906.jpg Dear Human,

Life is to short to wait.

Wait for what you might be asking.

Life is to short to wait to be kind.

It is to short to wait to practice compassion.

It is way to short to wait for a reason to help others.

Life is to short to wait to love.

Life is to short to spend anytime judging anyone, self included.

Instead try to use every moment of your life changing you and thereby changing the world.

Why? Because you can, and humanity can never experience too much kindness, love, generosity and compassion.


Is the First Great Drought happening now?

The Other Side of Ugly - Letters to Humanity:

An excellent “call to action” by the most beautiful woman whom I have the privilege to call mom. The Earth needs us. Please read this in its entirety. Go to the links. Reblog it. Tweet it. And then … find your own way to let the powers that be know that we won’t stand by and let this happen … not in our lifetime. Why? Because we are no longer ignorant, we DO pay attention and we will not let the future get any worse than the present. Love, Sheri

Originally posted on What a Heart Can Hold - visit my website at

We have been given the incredible gift of access to knowledge and access to each other. We are in this adventure called life together as members of the only real race, the human race.


Dearest readers,

I have to share something important with you. The more I learn about the drought in California and other states, the more I am convinced that we are actually experiencing the First Great Drought I wrote about as fiction in ICall Myself Earth Girl. While I was working on the novel in 2010 and 2011, I was aware that the western and southern states were experiencing severe drought conditions, including more and longer-lasting forest fires. At the time, I did not think that these droughts would still be going on in 2014.


In the book, Gloria is a contemporary woman living in Newport, RI.  She is disturbed by recurring dreams in which…

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