Dear Human,

We waste too much time being hard on ourselves and on others. Perhaps it’s time to simply stop and realize the wonder of our presence together, here on this one earth in outer space. 

May we live the magic that we are.

🌎Dear Human ~ Letters©

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  Dear Human,

Perhaps we depend on our eyes to much. What if we were to close them? What if we were to see the world and all its inhabitants through the imagination of our mind? What do you suppose we might find? I suspect we would see far more beauty than we do with just pure vision. Because you see, we would be using all of our senses to formulate an image. And that’s what we have been designed to do, but we don’t. And because we use them or put intention into our independent senses, we don’t get the whole picture. I think that perhaps if we used all of our abilities collectively we would see more of the magic and wonder of the human being than we actually do with our eyes.


🌎Dear Human© #WUVIP
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 Dear Human,

I have observed a most curious phenomena. Something that you know but may not realize that you know. It is this; it is easy to compare yourselves to the wrong stars. The stars who live their lives on cinema reels.  

The ramifications are serious, and may even be threatening the very existence of humanity. Why? Because the illusion of happily ever after can cloud your thought path. 

Your mind and spirit become darkened by the very act of comparison. And when you start measuring your success with a make believe ruler, you start to experience an unfulfilling outward journey leading to a sad “the end”.  

All because you are infatuated and focused on the wrong star.

The real stars that are those who’s brightness can be seen from afar. Their love, kindness, loyalty, commitment, and authentic attributes are shockingly bright. They carve a path of light for others who are lost in the darkness. When you see and interact with these stars, your personal essence is enriched. As you gaze upon their beauty, you see a star you want to follow. The moment you change your course you begin to feel the wonder of your own existence. When you behold the majesty of living stars you don’t feel the need to compare yourself and your social status. Instead you desire to shine your own beauty in your unique way.

It seems that this would be so obvious and much more fulfilling in a plethora of different ways. And yet the trap remains. And you fail to clean the lens through which you perceive your value.

Stop. Stop right now and change the channel. 

It’s time to switch your minds attention from the reel to the real. It won’t be easy, but it will serve you so profoundly. And not just you, but all of humanity.

Life is the best movie one will ever watch. And every single human has a leading role.
Love, Sheri

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