You Cant give up.jpgDear Human

You can’t give up.

You can’t give up on love because others are hateful. You can’t give up on believing in one another because you’ve been let down. You can’t give up on hope because pain came your way. You can’t give up on kindness because some people are cruel. You can’t give up on peace because war surrounds you. You can’t give up on dreams because they don’t always come true.

Life isn’t about everything being in order. Life isn’t about bliss. Life is about learning to live, love, hope and believe in the midst of perfect imperfection.

Life is messy, complicated, confusing and beautiful all at the same time. Life is the single best gift you have ever been given.

You can’t give up.



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Dear Human,

Look at the pregnant universe.

Behold how she conceives, carries and gives birth to stars, suns, galaxies, and nebulas. Watch as she continues to make atoms, neurons, photons, particle matter and gravity. Observe and be amazed at how she is the originator and deliverer of everything. Even a human being.

Is it a tiny thing then, the labor of the universe giving birth to you the sentient being? Is any part of your unexplainable life consisting of consciousness small?


Every part of the human phenomena is profound. Each minute of being alive is one more chance to find and make meaning of life. All of your life events are food, meant to grow you, to expand your mind. Every extraordinary thing you can sense, imagine and co-create has value.

There is no bad experience to be had then is there, by being a product born forth from the womb of the universe?

Let us therefore rethink our reality.

Embrace ALL of life. Walk with wonder and awe straight into each new moment, whatever that moment entails. If you want, if you try, with each one you can feel change. With each minute, lessons can be learned, knowledge gained, love shared. With every blink of the eye your understanding of the sacredness of existence can be deepened.

Be careful then not to miss out on any of this incredible journey. Wherever you are my beloveds, be one hundred percent there.


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Dear Human,

There is nothing ordinary about you. You are comprised of a million different things yet you are one being. Your strongest presence is not your body but your personality. Your best features are not those that can be seen; they are your invisible attributes of kindness, love, and compassion. You’re capable of moderating your lifestyle. Your mind is able to invent things and ideas that change the way the world operates as a system. You are miracles made of stardust formed by Gods own hands. You are space travelers. Literally.

You’re my favorite kind of magic. Real magic. Big magic. Bright magic.

You aren’t here alone yet together with seven billion others like yourself for no reason. Wake up to your “extraordinary” my beloveds. Band together and be the brilliant humanity you have been designed to be.

Yes indeed, you are my favorite kind of magic…

🌎Dear Human©

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They’re Here!!!!

Whispers I Silenty HeardMy friend Kimberly wrote this book. She sent me a wonderful (and signed) copy. I have it at work. I’ve read it everyday since it arrived. One poem is enough for me each day. The thoughts are deep. If you are being real with yourself, you need time to think about her words. They are raw. They are painful. But they are beautiful as well. And in them you find a whisper of the hope that each human holds in their heart when it comes to overcoming life’s hardships.

Please buy her book. And just in case you don’t know, Kim uses the money from her book sales to buy the medicine she needs to keep her body here with us and in minimal pain.


Source: They’re Here!!!!

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