Why Do You Exist?

IMG_2256.JPG Dear Human,

WHY do YOU exist? Not what is your purpose, but why do you even exist? Why does the sun exist? Why are there galaxies? Why is there anything?

The original reason for existing is not easy to understand is it? Actually, no one has the answer to this question. Not one being.

I don’t know “why” we exist, yet I know in this great existence that we have been granted, there comes much to learn, experience, and share. But that doesn’t explain WHY we exist at all.

Perhaps our original purpose of existing has to do with being awake? Perhaps it has to do with knowing we are a part of a whole, pure and completely omnipresent collective consciousness that is.

Perhaps the only way to accomplish this “awareness” of reality without time and space requires developing it in time and space? Maybe living the story of humanness is the embryo where one begins the process of becoming pure consciousness?

There are so many potential reasons for existing in the realm of possibilities. I could come up with lots more maybes, but I’ll stop for now.

One thing I know for sure, whatever the reason for our existence, I am ever so thankful that we do exist, even if I don’t understand it.


Photo Credit: IEET.com
Inspired by thoughts from my beautiful friend April Nicolas – 2014


Inside Another’s Soul

Dear Human,

We cannot truly
what one feels,
thinks or even
really knows.
We can only
partially “interpret”
what another soul
believes in based
on their outward
actions or upon
their words.

But even so … those
glimpses of action
are not 100%
representative of
the soul as a whole.

Remember this
before you
judge or compare.


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Do You Know?

20140805-121629-44189431.jpg Dearest Human,

Do you know that today you could actually be the medicine that heals a broken heart? Today you might even be the soothing balm upon a raging sore in another persons mind.

It’s easy to forget just how little it takes to brighten someone’s otherwise dark and dreary day.

The light you carry in you in the form of love, thoughtfulness, kindness, gentleness, compassion, and genuine concern can change not only another’s day, but it has been known to actually save many a life.

Use your light. That’s why it’s been given to you.


The Game of Thrones

IMG_2684.JPG “What is a throne?”, she asked. “It’s a seat of honor for those who are pure of heart”, he replied. She looked down at her own chair, then closed her eyes and cried. – Sheri S Bessi

Dear Human,

Life can be beautiful if you can master the game of thrones. A game requiring understanding as you gradually come into your own. A game where power isn’t exercised over other people, places or things. A game that can be only won by humanities truest kings and queens.

The game of thrones puts the life of every human being on display. It’s a game that challenges humanity every single day. The weapons to succeed reside in every person living inside of time. Ascending to the seat of honor happens when you let essence guide your mind.

The real game of thrones has nothing to do with the amount of money that you make. It’s not about the people subject to you nor the lofty titles that you take. It is not about being smarter, lovelier, or superior to another whose own victory’s at stake.

This game is about learning to live and love unconditionally then giving that life and love away. It’s about using goodness, kindness, pain and suffering to navigate you through the day.

In order to be victorious you must have eyes that see and ears that listen to the whispers of your soul. You must fully grasp that only over self do you have absolute control.

Existence is mystical, it’s no mistake that you’re the only one you’ve ever fully known. Know yourself intimately therefore, that you might win the right to sit upon that throne.


Photo Credit: tribulation.com

A Spirit Oriented Mindset

Dear Human,

I have found that every single ugly thing that I have ever had to live through or face has been the best WAKE UP call the universe has sent me.

I can grow because I’m allowing myself to be stretched.

I can be a light to the world because I’m letting the dark in me be exposed.

I can experience real joy because I’m sitting with the real pain I have and giving it its’ place.

Every … Single … Day…

A spirit oriented mindset is much more than writing pretty poems.

A spirit oriented person does much more than share beautiful quotes by Rumi, Tolle, Chopra or other “spiritual” humans.

Anyone can do that.

The thing that draws one to a spirit oriented or essence oriented person is that they express what you feel inside; they share humbly that they know little, but what little they have learned they give away with great humility.

That’s why we are drawn to the quotes of those we so respect and admire as spiritual leaders.

Spirit oriented people understand they must daily face their own flaws and fears.

The beautiful thing about being a spirit oriented person is that it is liberating.

Inner observation and work towards being a better human is no small task; but it is probably the most meaningful task one can ever do.

Self-work allows you to give away a more beautiful you.

Stay beautiful dear human; and work hard on BEcoming an even more beautiful you.


The Power of One Helping Hand

20140614-012505-5105670.jpg Dear Human,

When you really stop and think about it, there isn’t anything that should keep people from loving and meeting each others basic needs is there?

Kindness, compassion, charity, and brotherly love are intrinsic to the human nature. The ultimate expression of humanness may very well be random acts of these virtues.

So why is it that humanity often behaves as monsters, just walking right by the suffering as if they don’t exist?

Why do humans pour their life water into activities that do not seem to be able to clean up the weeds of continued pain and suffering?

Do you really believe that politicking, protesting and wars are the SOLUTION to what you see happening on your earth?

They’re not.

But what might happen if you took that time, that money, that activism and actually directed it at a person and not a cause … just to start … before joining any other form of lobbying for change?

There is a reason you know, that the golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When you are feeding the poor, hugging the hurt, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless and tending to the sick, you are implementing the change everyone so desperately wants to happen.

Exercise your own true and natural virtues before you try to get others to change their ways.

Practice the GOLDEN RULE and watch the world change, one kind act at a time, one helping hand multiplied by millions of helping hands per moment.

There is no need to scream at other humans and at the worlds political parties to bring about change. Why? Because you are that other human, you are the government, the GMO, the United Nations. But mainly precious person, it is because you will discover through random acts of your exquisite and innate character that which has been in you all this time.

You, each rare and noble member of the human race, are the only true hope for the change you wish to see.


Morning Mantra’s

IMG_1748.JPG Dear Human,

I have a ritual that I have practiced everyday for at least 15 years. I wake up, go to my window, look out and say my morning mantra.

I find it extremely important to greet the world afresh with each new sunrise I have been granted. To look out and up and really contemplate all the wonderful things that are just waiting to happen. All the magic that is just looking to be found. To even prepare for any pain and discomfort that I can use in my life to grow my character and therefore increase my contribution to life.

Life. It is a beautiful gift. Don’t forget to unwrap it and spend all your time playing with your new present called today.

So much love and peace I wish for you.


Making The News

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore

Dear Human,

In case you didn’t know, John Barrymore was widely known as the greatest Shakespearean actor of his generation. He married four times and actually left this beautiful and often tragic dream called life, while performing live on a radio show. He refused to give up his love of acting or even his love of love. He chased his dreams and lived his life all the way until his very last breath.

Why? What motivated him to such passion?

Perhaps it was because he refused to accept modern day wisdom that wants humanity to believe there is a time that one should raise the white flag, throw the towel in, acquiesce and accept that your best days are behind you.

A lie is being spread that humans should watch the news instead of make the news. A rumor has it that you should read about history versus making history. Even worse, someone started convincing humans that there are golden years that consist of rocking chairs where you can sit and reflect upon what could have been or should have been.

Please I ask of you, don’t listen to them. Listen to your soul. Listen to that voice deep within.

A life defined by dreams instead of regrets creates an energy that is ageless. Dreams have the ability to propel you forward as if you are still a child, overflowing with enthusiasm and curiosity! Of all things that are, dreams influence your perspective the most. They have a way of transforming negativity and a sense of meaninglessness into hope and purpose.

You work to achieve your goals, but you chase after your beautiful dreams. Dreams tap into your core beliefs, the very things you fight for and die for.

History has proven one thing to anyone who has eyes to see. Man will work for a buck, but he will die for what he believes in, for his dreams, even for his pride.

Be a dreamer dear and precious human, and by so doing, change the world, make the news, BE the history.


Because you can, and you should. After all, not all of life experiences are what you want, but all of this life we have been granted is good.


The Pleasure of Purpose

Dear Human,

You want to do something that makes you feel wonderful?

Something that makes you feel a sense of meaning in life?

Something that costs little or maybe even nothing but gains more riches than can possibly ever be store?

Then please my friends, do this …


So much peace and gentleness I wish for you.


Photo Credit: Rantings of a Beautiful Mind.

We Are The Nations

20140303-233036.jpg Dear Few Who Rule the Many,

Please wake up to the chaos caused by your selfish intentions to have power and you arrogant attempts to possess people and land.

It’s not wrong to be powerful and possess things so please don’t misunderstand. It’s very wrong however when it disrupts the well being of every child, woman and man … upon any land.

Do you not remember that WE are the NATION?

Or have you allowed a veil to cover your eyes to the fact that nation = man?

Dearest few who rule the many, remember YOU also are the nation. You too are essence plus human being. You too are gifted to live in this wonderful, mesmerizing, and glorious existence between birth and death.

For the love of your short years on earth please open your eyes, see the truth, and use your gifts and positions to give us – “the nations” a very needed rest.


A member of one nation (humanity) under god (the ultimate source) indivisible (made of the very same universal elements) and with justice for all (humans, animals and nature) otherwise known as THE UNIVERSE.”

~ Sheri

Photo Image: Google Images
Photo Quote: Sheri Bessi
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House Chores and Heaven

IMG_2004.JPG Dear Human,

Sometimes I get tired of writing and working and doing house stuff like laundry, cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors.

So what do I do?

I stop and think. I just sit down and think. It’s true. I just sit down and think about lots of things.

I think about all of time that is passing by, like a twinkling star in the sky. A star that has been gone for millions of years, yet it’s light still shines.

I think about how precious is our time that we have here.

I think about why we are not wise enough to give away all that we are? About how each of us are brilliant enough to outshine any star. And I wonder why we don’t …

I know we are humans trying to find our way; yet we can make a difference until our dying day. These are the things I really think about whether I’m at work, cleaning the house or at play.

You might think life is all about destiny, and maybe it’s true, maybe we are all exactly where we should be. Or maybe we are just hiding behind fear – all the amazing beauty that we can be?

Everyday, all day long I ask what am I doing here? Am I just filling time, just living year to year? I hope not, but I confess the fear is ever near.

I know I have nothing to share that someone else hasn’t already failed to impart. I just give you these words that come fresh from my heart …

… as I sit here and think about life.


Even On Your Worst Days

Dear Human,

Even on your worst days life is still life.

Even on your worst days you still get to see the sun rise and set and the moon wax and wane.

Even on your worst days the earth still spins on it’s axis and the planets still continue their voyage around the sun.

Even on your worst days you still get to marvel at the beauty of the snow and rain and mud and mountains and oceans and stars and so much more.

Even on your worst days you can do one, some or all of these: you can walk, talk, smell, taste, and/or touch.

Even on your worst days someone such as your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter or simply and only God … loves you deeply.

Even your worst days are beautiful days, because they are opportunities to find the other side of ugly in your circumstances and turn that day into a purposed and meaningful day.

Even on your worst days, your worst days EVER, you still breathe in and out, your heart still pounds, your mind still thinks (even if only barely) and your emotions are still active.

Even on your worst days you still have the chance to be kind, loving, compassionate and spiritual.

Even on your worst days … you are still an individual member of the noble human race and an integral part of the collective consciousness that consists of our essence.

Even on your worst days … you still ARE.

I’d say dear human that even your “worst days” are truly incredible days just waiting for you to understand the extreme miracle of your very existence.


The Other Side of Ugly

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