House Chores and Heaven

IMG_2004.JPG Dear Human,

Sometimes I get tired of writing and working and doing house stuff like laundry, cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors.

So what do I do?

I stop and think. I just sit down and think. It’s true. I just sit down and think about lots of things.

I think about all of time that is passing by, like a twinkling star in the sky. A star that has been gone for millions of years, yet it’s light still shines.

I think about how precious is our time that we have here.

I think about why we are not wise enough to give away all that we are? About how each of us are brilliant enough to outshine any star. And I wonder why we don’t …

I know we are humans trying to find our way; yet we can make a difference until our dying day. These are the things I really think about whether I’m at work, cleaning the house or at play.

You might think life is all about destiny, and maybe it’s true, maybe we are all exactly where we should be. Or maybe we are just hiding behind fear – all the amazing beauty that we can be?

Everyday, all day long I ask what am I doing here? Am I just filling time, just living year to year? I hope not, but I confess the fear is ever near.

I know I have nothing to share that someone else hasn’t already failed to impart. I just give you these words that come fresh from my heart …

… as I sit here and think about life.


Why Do You Exist?

IMG_2256.JPG Dear Human,

WHY do YOU exist? Not what is your purpose, but why do you even exist? Why does the sun exist? Why are there galaxies? Why is there anything?

The original reason for existing is not easy to understand is it? Actually, no one has the answer to this question. Not one being.

I don’t know “why” we exist, yet I know in this great existence that we have been granted, there comes much to learn, experience, and share. But that doesn’t explain WHY we exist at all.

Perhaps our original purpose of existing has to do with being awake? Perhaps it has to do with knowing we are a part of a whole, pure and completely omnipresent collective consciousness that is.

Perhaps the only way to accomplish this “awareness” of reality without time and space requires developing it in time and space? Maybe living the story of humanness is the embryo where one begins the process of becoming pure consciousness?

There are so many potential reasons for existing in the realm of possibilities. I could come up with lots more maybes, but I’ll stop for now.

One thing I know for sure, whatever the reason for our existence, I am ever so thankful that we do exist, even if I don’t understand it.


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Inspired by thoughts from my beautiful friend April Nicolas – 2014

Even On Your Worst Days

Dear Human,

Even on your worst days life is still life.

Even on your worst days you still get to see the sun rise and set and the moon wax and wane.

Even on your worst days the earth still spins on it’s axis and the planets still continue their voyage around the sun.

Even on your worst days you still get to marvel at the beauty of the snow and rain and mud and mountains and oceans and stars and so much more.

Even on your worst days you can do one, some or all of these: you can walk, talk, smell, taste, and/or touch.

Even on your worst days someone such as your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, son, daughter or simply and only God … loves you deeply.

Even your worst days are beautiful days, because they are opportunities to find the other side of ugly in your circumstances and turn that day into a purposed and meaningful day.

Even on your worst days, your worst days EVER, you still breathe in and out, your heart still pounds, your mind still thinks (even if only barely) and your emotions are still active.

Even on your worst days you still have the chance to be kind, loving, compassionate and spiritual.

Even on your worst days … you are still an individual member of the noble human race and an integral part of the collective consciousness that consists of our essence.

Even on your worst days … you still ARE.

I’d say dear human that even your “worst days” are truly incredible days just waiting for you to understand the extreme miracle of your very existence.


The Other Side of Ugly

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Dormant Again

Dear Human,

Today I walked the streets and guess what I discovered? People living lives with eyes closed like shutters.

Everyone seems to be roaming, never really seeing who they are or where they’re going. Walking, working, eating, sleeping – but what about knowing?

Wake up I urge you. Look around at all there is to see. Don’t be just alive, be ALL you’re meant to be.

Today I saw that like a bear in winter months, humanity has gone dormant again. Please wake up I beseech you. Open your mind because there’s so little time to let your life begin.


In The Realm of Possibilities

IMG_1577.JPG Dear Human,

The infamous Sherlock Holmes once said, “When you eliminate the impossible, what ever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

I love the grandness of the realm of possibilities, how about you? Do you think about this often, if even at all?

It’s easy to get tunnel vision in life. It’s so common for so many to live and function every day for decades of life in a little “life” bubble.

Do you understand how limiting this is? Do you know at all what you are passing up? Do you grasp the possibilities that could be yours if only you started to imagine them?

I urge you not to miss out on the bigness of existence because you forgot to, or got discouraged and gave up on, dreaming big.

I urge you to remember it’s possible to go into your mind and reconnect with those imagination skills you left with your 3rd grade teacher.

Life is an amazing trip. It’s the best roller coaster ride ever. It’s the scariest haunted house I’ve ever been in. It’s the most beautiful castle I’ve ever visited. It’s the land of reality and imagination. It’s the realm of existence where dreams can come true.

So just how do you start? What is the practice that must begin in order to start living your limitless life? Eliminate the “im”-possible and anything you can think of, anything you can dream of, anything you can imagine becomes totally possible.

Give it a try my fellow travelers on this road of life. Start today. I promise you, it will change your life.


About Love and The Sun

Dear Human,

Love is like the sun. Its slightest touch warms you. Depending on how close you are to it, you feel various degrees of its heat.

When it is shining directly upon you, you feel all hot and steamy. Sometimes it even burns you and makes you feel faint; yet you never stop wanting it in your life.

When you are not basking in it, you eagerly await its return.

It provides essential elements that allow the body to function properly.

It affects the chemical balance of your brain, assisting in preventing depression.

Its light allows you to see things differently.

Without the sun you would die, literally.

So it is with love. Humans need love like they need the sun. Love others then, and allow others to love you back. You will be physically and mentally healthier, not to mention happier.


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The Power of One Helping Hand

20140614-012505-5105670.jpg Dear Human,

When you really stop and think about it, there isn’t anything that should keep people from loving and meeting each others basic needs is there?

Kindness, compassion, charity, and brotherly love are intrinsic to the human nature. The ultimate expression of humanness may very well be random acts of these virtues.

So why is it that humanity often behaves as monsters, just walking right by the suffering as if they don’t exist?

Why do humans pour their life water into activities that do not seem to be able to clean up the weeds of continued pain and suffering?

Do you really believe that politicking, protesting and wars are the SOLUTION to what you see happening on your earth?

They’re not.

But what might happen if you took that time, that money, that activism and actually directed it at a person and not a cause … just to start … before joining any other form of lobbying for change?

There is a reason you know, that the golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When you are feeding the poor, hugging the hurt, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless and tending to the sick, you are implementing the change everyone so desperately wants to happen.

Exercise your own true and natural virtues before you try to get others to change their ways.

Practice the GOLDEN RULE and watch the world change, one kind act at a time, one helping hand multiplied by millions of helping hands per moment.

There is no need to scream at other humans and at the worlds political parties to bring about change. Why? Because you are that other human, you are the government, the GMO, the United Nations. But mainly precious person, it is because you will discover through random acts of your exquisite and innate character that which has been in you all this time.

You, each rare and noble member of the human race, are the only true hope for the change you wish to see.


The Mysterious Makings of Memory

One People
Dear Grown Up,

Life is a very interesting thing, something one cannot fully understand even when fully seen.

I live on earth, moving about, all grown up, no longer a child, identifying myself as human being.

As an adult I have the language skills needed to collect and express what I see and feel. Yet only certain moments seem to be captured in my memory reel.

For example, what was I doing on March 3rd at 3:33 pm?

Of all the decades that I have been alive, I might have four real hours of memories … maybe five.

Where are all the rest?

It seems that memories are connected to my degree of consciousness in any given frame of time. When I’m sensitive to my environment and awake in my spirit, those particular memories are burnt into my mind.

Yes life is very interesting as I sit and write this letter to you my friend. Will I remember this exact moment by the end of next weekend?

I want to be conscious of every second of my precious time. We get so very little of it, to waste any of it’s a crime. So I’ll practice being present. I’ll try constantly to be alert. I’ll work really hard to take in everything. In every moment I’ll do my best to be in tune with my reality.

I’ll take back my mind and re-condition it to be acutely aware of all I see. I think this is the only path to set my consciousness free.

So let it be.


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Memory Tablets of Your Mind

IMG_0012.JPG Dear Human,

Some days are just so amazing, just so beautiful, just so filled with goodness that one doesn’t know how to BE. On those days one might even question this pure sensation of joy, wondering how everything could be so right. I know I have in the past.

Now however, I have come to understand that we need 100% perfect days every once in a while, just to remind us that life is truly wonderful. Every so often we need a day where the memories of it trigger the exact emotions of this pure goodness, no matter how much time appears to have passed.

Life. It’s so incredible that it is worth all the battles, all the failures, all the ups and downs it could ever throw at us. I would live this life again, with 100 years of nothing but “bad” days, just to experience one beautiful now.

But the great news is that I don’t have too. And neither do you. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this I am saying to myself, “there are no bad days. There is simply no such thing as a bad day…”

There are lots of things that daily go awry. I have many of those days myself. As it turns out though, my day is what I think it is, not what is happening in it.

I am the script writer of my life, choosing how I will allow what is transpiring to control the pen that is writing each paragraph of my now.

I do.

Not you. Not him. Not her. Not them.


I confess I don’t write the best stories every single day, but I try. And by trying I find so much good in people, places, and situations that I would otherwise have missed.

Many years ago while wandering Rome, in a very supernatural, mystical and magical way, I received a message from the heavens. That day was the last “worst” day of my life because I actually understood what the universe was trying to teach me. Phenomenally, I continue to understand the depth of it more and more profoundly with each passing moment.

I would like to share this personal message with you today. Maybe it will touch you the way it did me all those years ago.

It went like this: “We are not here alone to suffer for no reason. WE are together and something wonderful awaits YOU everyday. Something magical is all around you just wanting to be found.”

I hope today you chose to write a beautiful day, regardless of your circumstances.

Write upon the memories tablets of your mind all the beauty you can find … in an other

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Morning Mantra’s

IMG_1748.JPG Dear Human,

I have a ritual that I have practiced everyday for at least 15 years. I wake up, go to my window, look out and say my morning mantra.

I find it extremely important to greet the world afresh with each new sunrise I have been granted. To look out and up and really contemplate all the wonderful things that are just waiting to happen. All the magic that is just looking to be found. To even prepare for any pain and discomfort that I can use in my life to grow my character and therefore increase my contribution to life.

Life. It is a beautiful gift. Don’t forget to unwrap it and spend all your time playing with your new present called today.

So much love and peace I wish for you.


The Mutation of Ugly

IMG_1640.PNG Dearest Humanity,

Do you believe somehow that you are not all connected? That essentially or essence-tially, you aren’t actually each other?

You may have different bodies and possess individual spirits, yet you share the same universal attributes which make your “spirit” a part of the collective entity of all that exists.

Look at it like this for a moment. It takes countless sub-particles to make one atom, millions of atoms to make one human cell – but it’s still just one cell. Individually YOU are the sub-particles of the atom within the single cell of humanity. You are so small in the strand of the universe’s DNA yet so large in the effect of the universes mutation, or as science would say – evolution.

It’s in these individual cells where things can go awry and change the entire original design of not only the human being but the universe itself.

You have the power to stop the mutation of ugly that is in part caused by pointing fingers at another humans faults. Equally your are able to start the regeneration of the beautiful cell of humanity by peering inward and guarding the beauty of your own essence, your very own sub-particle place in the atom of existence.

By keeping yourself from mutating into something you weren’t meant to be such as cruel, cold-hearted, hard, deceptive, and mean-spirited, you maintain and perhaps even improve the evolution of existence.

Just as the consistent rotation and tilt of the earth is capable of changing the weather, you are intrinsically capable of bringing about amazing tenderness, love, kindness, compassion and incredible wisdom to the DNA of humanity.

You are an irreplaceable yet mutatable thread in the fabric of the universe.

Don’t waste another moment of your precious time being anything other than the rare and noble member of the human race that you are in this second; because this second just passed and soon you will have no more, not here.

So the next time you start to point outward or direct your attention to other people’s mistakes, failures or unusual and cruel behavior, take a moment to stop and look up.

That’s where you are from.

That is also where your spirit relatives that you were almost going to judge as worse than you … are from. Out there … that’s every sentient beings real home.

BE the change you want to see, because you can. Help to positively restore –  not negatively redesign humanity.


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The Pleasure of Purpose

Dear Human,

You want to do something that makes you feel wonderful?

Something that makes you feel a sense of meaning in life?

Something that costs little or maybe even nothing but gains more riches than can possibly ever be store?

Then please my friends, do this …


So much peace and gentleness I wish for you.


Photo Credit: Rantings of a Beautiful Mind.

Slippery Cheeks

IMG_0918.JPG Dear Human,

Many of us feel this way every once in a while … and it’s ok.

Tears are the souls way of expressing pain or expressing joy. Tears are a sign that you are alive, that you feel and that something inside of you must come out to culminate an emotion.

If you feel a memory slipping out of your head and down your cheek, it’s okay. Let it.

Then take a deep breath and continue moving forward.


Photo Image: the mankind project

What If?

“Do you not know then, that there is a battle raging for the mind of every human being?” ~ S. Bessi
Battle for the Mind

Dear Human,

What if that person who honked at you two minutes ago just found out they had cancer?

What if that driver, who like a slippery little snake stole your parking spot closest to the stores door, just got the news that her son was killed in Afghanistan?

What if that doctor who made you feel unheard or unimportant just learned that another patient of hers had just died and that patient was her father?

What if that homeless person who just asked for a dollar for a beer is homeless because he lost his mother and father when he was just a child … and the system couldn’t “fix” his broken heart and heal his broken mind?

What if that government leader who let you down had a life long dream of changing the world, only to grow up and find his or her self smack dab in the middle of a very paralyzed government; barely able to make just a few significant changes?

What if that boss who failed to affirm your excellent contribution to the building of his life long work  just learned that his business was bankrupt?

There are so many reasons why people behave the way they do. Most of which are not generally because they are jerks, worthless or inconsiderate. It’s usually so much more than that.

Perhaps people didn’t just learn of their tragedies in the moment when you felt offended. Perhaps they have been trying to figure out how to live with the information and emotions associated with theirs as and life experiences for years.

Who knows, maybe once upon a time one of “these” people were you or me.

Yes, there is a battle raging for the mind of every human being. No exceptions. Fortunately you are not your mind. Wonderfully you have the ability to filter how you will perceive your reality. Wondrously you can inform your mind that you, the sentient being with the desire to be FOR humanity, not against nor ambivalent toward it, choose to see it through eyes of truth. Incredibly you can reprogram your mind to see humanity everyday as the precious, rare and noble race of beings that it consists of.

What if we stopped seeing the offenses committed by other people and started seeing the person? What a different way to look at and experience life.

What a different world we would see.

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Use The Force

Dear Human,

Do you know that the invisible force of love is more powerful than any other?

That’s right. It cannot be touched nor held. It cannot be measured nor weighed. Yet once given away or received, it can transform a soul in a single second.

The indomitable force of love can instantly provide more meaning than any material thing ever could.

Do you remember that this force is in each and every one of you, just waiting to be harnessed and utilized?

This is the call of all who have the great privilege of living on earth in the form of human being: use the force to transform souls and change humanity.

By so doing the energy of the universe is greatly affected. By so doing, life as you know it would be radically different.