Dear Human,

When it comes to life and especially love, courage is your best friend. 

You and only you can possess your own courage. And with it, sometimes you must do things that don’t feel good in the moment. But I promise you beautiful being, that by using your courage, you will ultimately reap the benefits that you have been designed to experience.

Love, Sheri

Life Transformation Specialist, QMHA, Identity Coach

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Dear Human,

In case you have not been told lately, “WELL DONE.” 

You have made it through life to this very moment. You have listened, learned, struggled, lost, grieved, and loved.

This are no small thing. 

It takes great light to see through the obstacles and discover the opportunities of life. Therefore, you must certainly be a very bright being. 

Good job. Keep going. 

Your light will only get brighter with every passing heartbeat as you focus on the miracle of your beautiful existence.

Love, Sheri

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Dear Human,

This earth is full of beings that are hurting. Beings that feel lost and broken. Their personal bubble of life seems to lack oxygen and they feel that they can no longer breathe.

Be kind to them. Validate their existence by acknowledging their presence. Smile upon them. Remind them that they matter, because they do.

These simple gestures can change their hopelessness into hope and fill their life bubble with a breath of fresh air. Do it because you care. 

Love, Sheri

©Dear Human 

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