Dear Human,

Look at the pregnant universe.

Behold how she conceives, carries and gives birth to stars, suns, galaxies, and nebulas. Watch as she continues to make atoms, neurons, photons, particle matter and gravity. Observe and be amazed at how she is the originator and deliverer of everything. Even a human being.

Is it a tiny thing then, the labor of the universe giving birth to you the sentient being? Is any part of your unexplainable life consisting of consciousness small?


Every part of the human phenomena is profound. Each minute of being alive is one more chance to find and make meaning of life. All of your life events are food, meant to grow you, to expand your mind. Every extraordinary thing you can sense, imagine and co-create has value.

There is no bad experience to be had then is there, by being a product born forth from the womb of the universe?

Let us therefore rethink our reality.

Embrace ALL of life. Walk with wonder and awe straight into each new moment, whatever that moment entails. If you want, if you try, with each one you can feel change. With each minute, lessons can be learned, knowledge gained, love shared. With every blink of the eye your understanding of the sacredness of existence can be deepened.

Be careful then not to miss out on any of this incredible journey. Wherever you are my beloveds, be one hundred percent there.


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Dear Human,

Everyone experiences discomfort.

Remember, when feeling stretched by life’s difficult moments, they are meant for our well-being. They are not designed to destroy us but rather to grow us. Their purpose is to teach us how to be kinder, more compassionate, and more understanding of others.

Let your pain be your gain. Let your stretching reshape you into a beautiful, not bitter, being. Learn to make meaning of life’s hardships. Because, believe it or not, you can.


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What? There is a whole universe dedicated to wellness? Where? And when did this happen?

I know, it’s hard to believe, but welcome to a new way of discovering How Healing Happens©.

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I am very blessed to be a member of this amazing community of world leaders. I’m thrilled to be one of its 12 core bloggers. But mostly, I am honored to have the opportunity to co-create life changing strategies with all the WU leaders. 

When people stop competing and pool together to find desperately needed solutions to a variety of critical issues – things happen. And this my beloveds, is exactly what is happening at The Wellness Universe. 

If you haven’t been to our website, please come and visit. I know you will be glad you did.



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