Relieved But Never Forgotten


Dear Human,

It is the despised who cry for others for they have known what it is to be unwanted.

It is the unloved who love deeply for they feel the aloneness of never being noticed.

It is the poor who give freely for they comprehend what it is to go without ~ never wishing such suffering upon another.

It is the judged who have great compassion for the misunderstood because they know what it is like to live with criticism.

If you are in any of these places I thank you.

It is because of you that my life is richer.

It is because of you that my mind possess wisdom.

It is because of you that my essence embraces compassion.

I was once all of these yet somehow life in her generosity saw it better to relieve me of such deep suffering.

Relieved but never ever forgotten …


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Spewing Fluff


Dear Human,

I often speak about our relationship to the universe and how important our awareness of this is to our understanding of self, worth and purpose.

Do you truly understand that you are not an accident, even though you are an evolved being?

Do you deeply comprehend that you are a necessary thread in the fabric of the universe because you exist?

Do you clearly see your self in everything that surrounds you?

When I share with you that the universe is IN you and you are IN the universe, I am not simply spewing fluff. This is what I mean when I refer to you as people of star-dust. Nothing weird. Just simple scientific truth: now do you understand?

Know just how amazing you are.

I sure do…

With love, warmth and gentleness I write this letter to you.


Bless This Beautiful Mess

20130902-231849.jpg Dear Human,

Upon waking up or going to sleep, bless each night and day …

On passing people in the street, on the bus, in places of work and play, bless the people on your way.

On meeting others and speaking with them, bless them in your heart.

As you walk, bless the city, bless the leaders, bless the messed up people sleeping in the park.

What does it mean when I say to bless?

I mean wish for them from deep within your being through sincere intensity … their very best.

I mean wish for them their purpose and complete happiness in every day that they are given.

I mean wish for them that they might truly live among the living.

Wherever you’re at, whomever you’re with … bless their lives for all they wish.



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Like a Covered Star


Dear Human,

When I look at you through the eyes of my heart, I see so many things right from the start.

~ I see beauty bathing in needless shame ~

~ I see kindness basking in blazon blame ~

~ I see wonder trapped in dreadful doubt ~

~ I see depth trying so eagerly to climb out ~

~ I see curiosity staunched by ferocious fear ~

~ I see love standing inside you, nearer than near ~

When I look at humanity up close or from afar, I see so much light inside of you … like a covered star.

Please my beloved, don’t let your attributes be shadowed by a cloud.

Everything good is a part of your essence whether you see it or not … but what a waste to not see exactly what you’ve got.

You are love, you are kindness and you are full of grace. You are a beautiful, bright and an amazing member of the human race.

When I look at you through the eyes of my heart, do you know what I see regardless of, race, color, age, gender or any other “thing”?

I see a  brilliant light that shines so bright; a gifted, rare and extraordinarily might in you the sentient human being.


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Life is too Short to Wait

20140330-001906.jpg Dear Human,

Life is to short to wait.

Wait for what you might be asking.

Life is to short to wait to be kind.

It is to short to wait to practice compassion.

It is way to short to wait for a reason to help others.

Life is to short to wait to love.

Life is to short to spend anytime judging anyone, self included.

Instead try to use every moment of your life changing you and thereby changing the world.

Why? Because you can, and humanity can never experience too much kindness, love, generosity and compassion.


You Are Being Watched


You are being watched.


You watch yourself.

Your parents watch you.

Your spouse watches you.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend watch you.

Your work associates watch you.

Children watch you.

Animals watch you.

Your friends watch you.

Your neighbors watch you.

When you walk and drive, people in cars watch you.

Perhaps other sentient beings watch you.

Those who have always been watch you.

Do you see how influential you are to so many regardless of who you are? Do you see how visible you are no matter where you live, what color skin you have, what language you speak or what religion you practice?

Do you see the power and possibilities you have to make an impact not only in our world, but on the universe as a whole; to make an imprint on another’s soul?

Do you understand that right now, right here, in this place of time and space ~ you matter because you are a noble member of the human race?

Everything you do and everything you say can be seen and heard from near and from afar.

Live like you are being watched every day - because dear human, you are.



The Way You Love


You continually focus on living comfortably, preoccupied with your daily routines in life because they give the sensation of fullness and sometimes even joy. You have been doing this for too many years. In so doing you regularly forget to focus on the “what” you are LIVING for.


Worldly possessions and status are not WHAT anyone should be living for. Just because you live in the world doesn’t mean worldliness is why you exist. It’s quite the contrary dear human.

It has been said that, “*now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now we know in part, but then we will know fully just as we also have been fully known … faith, hope and love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Dwell on love.

I know that you are capable of loving. You are a sentient being and love is actually spiritual and intangible, just like your essence. Love is one of the most powerful forces on Earth … if not in the entire universe.

I don’t know all the reasons why you are here; but I know it’s important that you ARE.

Just love.

As scary as it is, it allows you the opportunity to work yourselves forward into life’s deeper meaning.

In love it’s terrifying to let someone in, knowing they will see all your flaws and scars and may want to leave. Let them in anyway.

Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “it is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.”

I say even when we love and lose, we know in our heart that our love has served a purpose.


Regarding 9/11: “My instinct was to tell her just one more thing, but I had to pause for a second before I did. Her name, followed by the words, “I love you,” found its way out of my mouth. She said it back and then hung up. For some reason, it wasn’t easy to say. It was so utterly revealing. I felt naked saying it. Even in that moment I was worried about how she was going to receive those three words. But I knew I had to say it so I did.
Excerpt From: Berman, Gabe. “Live Like a Fruit Fly.” Health Communications, Inc., 2011-07-21.

*1 Corinthian 13:13

The Power of One Helping Hand

20140614-012505-5105670.jpg Dear Human,

When you really stop and think about it, there isn’t anything that should keep people from loving and meeting each others basic needs is there?

Kindness, compassion, charity, and brotherly love are intrinsic to the human nature. The ultimate expression of humanness may very well be random acts of these virtues.

So why is it that humanity often behaves as monsters, just walking right by the suffering as if they don’t exist?

Why do humans pour their life water into activities that do not seem to be able to clean up the weeds of continued pain and suffering?

Do you really believe that politicking, protesting and wars are the SOLUTION to what you see happening on your earth?

They’re not.

But what might happen if you took that time, that money, that activism and actually directed it at a person and not a cause … just to start … before joining any other form of lobbying for change?

There is a reason you know, that the golden rule is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

When you are feeding the poor, hugging the hurt, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless and tending to the sick, you are implementing the change everyone so desperately wants to happen.

Exercise your own true and natural virtues before you try to get others to change their ways.

Practice the GOLDEN RULE and watch the world change, one kind act at a time, one helping hand multiplied by millions of helping hands per moment.

There is no need to scream at other humans and at the worlds political parties to bring about change. Why? Because you are that other human, you are the government, the GMO, the United Nations. But mainly precious person, it is because you will discover through random acts of your exquisite and innate character that which has been in you all this time.

You, each rare and noble member of the human race, are the only true hope for the change you wish to see.


Keeper of Light


Dear Human,

It doesn’t take intelligence to be mean. One small word can crush the thing that cannot be seen ~ the spirit of any human being.

If you surround yourself with kindness and beauty it gets easier to become what you see. If you practice compassion and patience you yourself become free.

Do all you can to avoid arguments knowing that anyone can start a conflict. Realize that usually it’s so much harder and smarter to simply disregard it.

Because you can, be ever careful with your words and actions. Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Behave how you are designed to, instead of being afraid of what others might say.

Be your sensitive self today with all your heart and soul and might, because you’re here dear human, to shine your amazingly beautiful light.


The Mysterious Makings of Memory

One People
Dear Grown Up,

Life is a very interesting thing, something one cannot fully understand even when fully seen.

I live on earth, moving about, all grown up, no longer a child, identifying myself as human being.

As an adult I have the language skills needed to collect and express what I see and feel. Yet only certain moments seem to be captured in my memory reel.

For example, what was I doing on March 3rd at 3:33 pm?

Of all the decades that I have been alive, I might have four real hours of memories … maybe five.

Where are all the rest?

It seems that memories are connected to my degree of consciousness in any given frame of time. When I’m sensitive to my environment and awake in my spirit, those particular memories are burnt into my mind.

Yes life is very interesting as I sit and write this letter to you my friend. Will I remember this exact moment by the end of next weekend?

I want to be conscious of every second of my precious time. We get so very little of it, to waste any of it’s a crime.So I’ll practice being present. I’ll try constantly to be alert. I’ll work really hard to take in everything. In every moment I’ll do my best to be in tune with my reality.

I’ll take back my mind and re-condition it to be acutely aware of all I see. I think this is the only path to set my consciousness free.

So let it be.


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About Letting Go

20140603-003012-1812707.jpg Dear Human,

About letting go.

Do you realize that it’s fear of change that encourages you to hold onto things that are no longer serving you in a positive way?

Every person on earth struggles with with change. Every Single Person.

When you find yourself sitting and thinking about how much you dislike your life or how unhappy you are, you simply must change things.

Often the only way to be free from that which is holding you down is indeed scary. But you can do it.

You are wired to face fear and overcome it. Don’t let anyone or any circumstance steal your joy and rob you of your precious moments of life.

Change can cause turmoil this is true. And letting go can be hard. But when you realize that you are stronger then your feelings, you will discover that letting go isn’t so difficult after all.

As a matter of fact, once you really understand the deep and profound power that resides within you, you’ll be asking yourself why waited so long to make the changes.

Got it? Use your courage. Let go.


Inquisitive Universal Ranger



Dear Human,

Cars crash all the time as you buzz from hive to hive, yet you still get inside of them and to many places drive.

Planes go missing in mid-air with no explanation as to where or why, yet you still board them and to different destinations fly.

Homes get robbed every day, strangers hauling your stuff away; but inside these houses that you build you’re determined you will stay.

Relationships deteriorate and people get divorced, yet couples still get married and together try to navigate life’s course.


Because deep down inside of your being you know that regardless of all the earthly dangers, like the stars in the sky you’re fearless and inquisitive universal rangers.


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Beautiful Ugly

 20130523-233825.jpgIn life the contrast between what appears light and what appears dark is evident every day … opposites that lie within one’s SELF in such a powerful and gripping way.

Kindness verses Cruelty

Happiness verses Sadness

Hope verses Despair

With verses Without

Beauty verses Ugly

Truth verses Lie

Oh dear human can you not see, the beautiful ugly in you and me … why?

For …

When cruelty rears its ugly head, kindness conquers cruelty instead.

When sadness settles in your mind, happiness rescues you every time.

When despair displays her shameless goal, hope finds her way back to your soul.

When without is what you have today, with delivers you from dismay.

When ugly is where your eyes are drawn, beauty shines with mornings dawn.

When lies betray your every trust, trust reveals herself a must.

Opposites aren’t random things. They’re here to help fulfill your dreams. Ugly isn’t always sad … for how else can good come from bad?

When adversity is where you stand, it feels that life is just unfair; but know dear human love is grand  … and know that she is always there.

So walk with your eyes open, the opposites are what they are … each an opportunity to outshine every single star.

The Mutation of Ugly


Dearest Humanity,

Do you believe somehow that you are not all connected? That essentially or essence-tially, you aren’t actually each other?

You may have different bodies and possess individual spirits, yet you share the same universal attributes which make your “spirit” a part of the collective entity of all that exists.

Look at it like this for a moment. It takes countless sub-particles to make one atom, millions of atoms to make one human cell – but it’s still just one cell. Individually YOU are the sub-particles of the atom within the single cell of humanity. You are so small in the strand of the universe’s DNA yet so large in the effect of the universes mutation, or as science would say – evolution.

It’s in these individual cells where things can go awry and change the entire original design of not only the human being but the universe itself.

You have the power to stop the mutation of ugly that is in part caused by pointing fingers at another humans faults. Equally your are able to start the regeneration of the beautiful cell of humanity by peering inward and guarding the beauty of your own essence, your very own sub-particle place in the atom of existence.

By keeping yourself from mutating into something you weren’t meant to be such as cruel, cold-hearted, hard, deceptive, and mean-spirited, you maintain and perhaps even improve the evolution of existence.

Just as the consistent rotation and tilt of the earth is capable of changing the weather, you are intrinsically capable of bringing about amazing tenderness, love, kindness, compassion and incredible wisdom to the DNA of humanity.

You are an irreplaceable yet mutatable thread in the fabric of the universe.

Don’t waste another moment of your precious time being anything other than the rare and noble member of the human race that you are in this second; because this second just passed and soon you will have no more, not here.

So the next time you start to point outward or direct your attention to other people’s mistakes, failures or unusual and cruel behavior, take a moment to stop and look up.

That’s where you are from.

That is also where your spirit relatives that you were almost going to judge as worse than you are from. Out there … that’s every sentient beings real home.

Be the change you want to see. Help to restore –  not negatively redesign humanity.


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Dear Human ~ Your Are The Brightest Star


Dear Human,

You are the brightest star that I ever have seen.
You are the most beautiful sentient being.
You are the reason that all life sings.


Because of the gifts you’re given at birth.
Incredible strengths that can change the Earth.
Abilities to make a dent upon this universe.


With the power that you have to dream.
Power to make each one come true.
Power to see the power in you.
Power to be living rather than alive.
Power to help others learn for what they should strive.
Power to change energy from bright to brilliant.
Power because you’re amazingly resilient.
Power to learn how from the moment of birth.
Power to pass on all things of worth.

All who see you rejoice at your sight.
All who see you see your beautiful light.
Precious and noble human being …
You are the brightest star that I ever have seen.


Do the Cha-Cha!

Dear Human,

I did it! I finally found the REAL definition of an optimist!

20140120-200326.jpg I can now highly recommend that we all master the Cha-Cha 💃.