Dear Human,

Have you ever felt like a piece of candy in a box of chocolates?

The insert labeled you correctly as “milk chocolate and caramel”, but somehow it got placed upside down and you were misidentified as “dark chocolate and peanuts”.

And then there you are. In the right place but being perceived as something that you are not. And though you are still sweet, you are unexpected.

And you wonder to yourself how you can get back into the spot that the taster expects you to be in.

Not because you don’t like who you are, but because you don’t want to disappoint.

And it isn’t easy.

But maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe the unexpected is just exactly what is needed.


©Dear Human ~ Letters to Humanity
Artwork: Missouri Museum of Art

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Dear Human,

Sometimes you feel broken, defeated, discouraged and disillusioned.

But though you might FEEL like this, you are not your feelings. It’s more likely that you are being forged into beauty by the fire of life.

When you look at pain and suffering through a different filter, they take on a different meaning. When you see that hurt is happening not to destroy you but rather to burn away the dross that is hiding your true beauty, the experience is almost welcomed.

You may even discover that the most beautiful things you might ever create will be birthed after you have walked through life’s forging fire.


©Dear Human ~ Letters to Humanity

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Coming Soon

Dear Human,

We are flesh. We are bone. We are earthlings.

But more than anything, we ARE.

And we are all looking for that point, and the many points that connect and unite us in our existence as sentient being.

Being human. Being purposed. Being gifted. Being flawed. Being alone. Being one. Being lost. Being found. BEING.

It takes way more than I’ll ever know to provide you with THE answer. I don’t know if anyone really knows it. I suspect not.

But there does exist a little which I have observed and experienced that does somehow make us feel purposed and not alone. Beautiful and amazing stuff in our peripheral view just waiting to be seen by each of us.

I look forward to sharing with you what I have discovered through my journeys of love, pain, suffering and hope. And what my perception is of humanity and life as a direct result of my life experiences and my NDE.

“Dear Human ~ Letters to Humanity”


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