Dear Human,

When words fall out of the heart and into the mind they are always the words that resonate the deepest.

When they manifest, they are soft and tender. Healing, hope, and purpose are their agenda. 

And so from the words of your heart you discover you actually possess the very virtues you seek and admire in others.

And you stop trying to be others because you realize just how magnificent the you inside of you … really is.

Love, Sheri

And so tenderly I feel the words of my spirit tap my cerebral cortex, “you’re not alone on this earth, we are separate. Yet I need you and you need me to be what we are created to be as the sentient human being.”

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Dear Human,

You are complete. 

Maybe you aren’t all organized correctly yet. Maybe you’re still discovering who you are. Yet all the pieces to the puzzle of you are in your sphere of existence. 

All of the one unique you exists. 

Remember the star. It is a star before it is born. It simply takes all the right elements and environments to come together so that it can manifest its light.

That’s you. 

Your beautiful spirit is whole. As the days of your life are lived, everything unfolds exactly as it should to allow the you that you are to materialize.


Love, Sheri 

#WUVIP ©Dear Human – Letters to Humanity

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Dear Human,

All of life is mesmerizing. Every little or big event is spectacular. Every pain and every joy is magnificent. 

There is so much I don’t know. 

But knowing that I exist and live on a planet in a solar system that exists in one of millions of galaxies in the UNIVERSE blows my mind away.

Soaking it in … yep.



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