Dear Human,

Sometimes we get confused. 

We spend so much time looking outward for meaning and purpose. We think it can be obtained through worldly activities. 

Through religion. 

Through righteousness. 

Through good deeds. 

Through possessions. 

Through position. 

 It’s not “out there”. You’ll never find what you truly seek on any path that others can walk upon with you. 

 The greatest and most meaningful adventure in your life begins the day you start the journey inward. 

 That’s where you’ll discover things that will blow your mind. Beautiful, amazing, sentient being. 


 #WUVIP Member

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Dear Human,

Once when I was very young, I died. My body bleed to death and my heart stopped and I was for all intent and purpose without life.

The experience opened my eyes to amazing and wondrous things. I saw my lifeless body and it was okay, because it was just a body, not me.

I had a choice, I think many others don’t, especially when you die because your body is defective or simply old and unable to be held together anymore. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold a body together.

Please, don’t be afraid. It’s all going to be okay.  Death is just another form of birth into a new realm of existence.


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Dear Human,

Look at these flowers. What do you see? Color, spectacular form, strange beauty, foreigners, nature, uniqueness yet similarity? 

Now, realize that YOU are more complex, diverse, designed beautiful, and fragrant than these flowers will ever be. 

Step back from the awe of this plant and look at the wonder of you. You are so much more than you realize. 

Human being, thinking machine, aware of your awareness sentient being. 

I’m wowed at how marvelous you are everytime I see you. 

Love, Sheri

#WUVIP member, Picture by OK Kvetiny

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