Shape Shifters

IMG_5357.JPG Dear Human,

Everybody, without exception, must accept that all of mankind are “becomers”. You can never truly arrive.

Life does not allow for anyone to ever “get there” because improvement is always a possibility. Humanity is always, always, on its way. How wonderful and beautiful it is that becoming is the better part of the “being” process.

As you travel towards the unknown, towards the next dimension that all will enter, there is something you can know though. Something you can be assured of without doubt or question; you are not journeying alone.

Look around and see with your eyes all of your fellow travelers. Now close your eyes and sense with your soul that all who surround you in this moment, are also in a constant state of “becoming”.

Doesn’t that somehow feel better? Doesn’t that somehow create a stronger sense of connectedness?

As you walk your individual path, understand that with every step, with every life experience, you change. But so does every other human being living on this earth.

Everyone is transformed by each second, each moment, each hour, each week, month and year. It is this journey of constant change that is one of the most beautiful part of being earthlings.

Better shape shifters, more beautiful caterpillars, more powerful and profound energy I have never known, than that of the human being.


Photo: The Mankind Project


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Dear Human,

Everyday on my way to work I am approached for money. If I have change I usually give it, but most of the time I don’t carry cash.

Yesterday I was sent the Upworthy challenge by a dear friend.

You all already know I truly love people. I do. And I am pretty sure you have surmised by now that I am a giver. But I’m also smart and know “giving money” isn’t always a gift.

Challenged though by the email, I wanted to do something. So this morning I went to Starbucks as usual and bought 4 coffees and 4 bagels, in addition to mine.

As I walked to work on this cold and blustery day, like normal I saw cold and hungry people. However today I not only smiled and acknowledged their existence, but I gave 4 people a cup of coffee and a bagel.

I know it’s not a lot, but it was enough to lift 4 spirits and maybe take a little of that hunger pain away. Self inflicted or not, I don’t care. Hunger is hunger.

And you know what, it felt so good that I’m going to find multiple ways to give one random act of kindness away, every single day.

Because I can, and because I should.




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The Game of Thrones


“What is a throne?”, she asked. “It’s a seat of honor for those who are pure of heart”, he replied. She looked down at her own chair, then closed her eyes and cried. – Sheri S Bessi

Dear Human,

Life can be beautiful if you can master the game of thrones. A game requiring understanding as you gradually come into your own. A game where power isn’t exercised over other people, places or things. A game that can only be won by humanities truest kings and queens.

The game of thrones puts the life of every human being on display. It’s a game that challenges humanity every single day. The weapons to succeed reside in every person living inside of time. Ascending to the seat of honor happens when you let essence guide your mind.

The real game of thrones has nothing to do with the amount of money that you make. It’s not about the people subject to you nor the lofty titles that you take. It is not about being smarter, lovelier, or superior to another whose own victory’s at stake.

This game is about learning to live and love unconditionally then giving that life and love away. It’s about using goodness, kindness, pain and suffering to navigate you through the day.

In order to be victorious you must have eyes that see and ears that listen to the whispers of your soul. You must fully grasp that only over self do you have absolute control.

Existence is mystical, it’s no mistake that you’re the only one you’ve ever fully known. Know yourself intimately therefore, that you might win the right to sit upon that throne.


Photo Credit: Nicolas Roerich – Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God

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