Dear Human,

Each individual is like an unfinished film that is being shot with each new day. And sometimes we get frustrated because we find it difficult to get some of the scenes right.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay because the movie isn’t finished. Our scripts just need some work. So we revisit them. We edit and revise what was written poorly. And sometimes, sometimes we have to completely rewrite part of the screenplay because it is simply all wrong.

And with a deep sense of relief we understand that we are not stuck. And we are not obligated to old and no longer relevant scripts. We know we can’t undo yesterday, but we can change how it is seen. And we become ecstatically aware of our ability as the producer to alter the narratives. To project a more meaningful outcome without comprising the truth of the original story.

So with the pen of our passion and the magic of our mind we sit down and do the work. And it takes a life time but we do it anyway. We do it for ourselves, because we care so fervently about producing the masterpiece that is inside our being.

And we hope with all our essence that when the film of our life is finished everyone whoever watched it will say, “Wow, that was the best movie I have ever seen.”

And it’s a good hope. A valiant hope. A hope worth holding onto.


Sheri S Bessi, QMHA is a professional therapist specializing in the field of identity and mindfulness counseling. She promotes health and well-being through her private practice, her Facebook pages and and her blog. She is also a core blogger for The Wellness Universe where she is listed under Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being. To discover if she can be of assistance to you, please click the services tab above.

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Dear Human,

When we face difficulty the quickest way to relieve ourselves of the misery and angst associated with it is to walk calmly right into the center of its storm.

Don’t run away. Acknowledge it. Feel it. Own it. Don’t deny it is there. If you do you only delay the time it takes to heal it.

Immediatley facing anything that is uncomfortable or even downright painful results in that much less time being tossed about by it.

And remember that while whatever we overcome may leave a scar, it can also make us much stronger, wiser and gentler human beings.


🌎Dear Human©
Sheri S Bessi, QMHA

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