As I Sit Alone


Dear Human,

You need not be afraid of anything; you need not concern yourself with becoming completely self-aware so as not to miss out on eternal existence. How can you as you are a being with no beginning and no end?

There is no chance of ever completely understanding your entire “self”  because your SELF is made up of the entire universe?

It’s just too much to even understand.

Life as we know it is about the journey to this awareness. It is about enjoying this time and this place as we search to understand where we came from and where our next stop might be.

Life is about capturing the fleeting moments or even seconds when there is a deep understanding of your personal existence. It’s about belonging and being in the here and now as well as in eternity. Life is realizing that you are to eternity and existence what a wave is to the ocean or what a star is to the universe. A Part Of.

As I sit alone with thoughts in my mind, thoughts that only I know I have; I know surely others must have the same thoughts too.

As I sit alone with my emotions, emotions that only I know I have; I know surely I am not the only one experiencing them.

Everything inside of me tells me that you understand exactly what I am saying, thinking and feeling because in some way you are saying, thinking or feeling something similar; and thus we are connected.

We are all made of the same essence. We are all one; interwoven into the beautiful fabric of the universe itself … even if we don’t ALL know it.

Be at peace sweet person who somehow exists; and desire to BEcome more aware of your connection to all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be.

In this you will find great meaning and a tremendous amount of much needed relief from the fear of what you do not now or may not ever understand.

Just try to comprehend more and more each day that you ARE. That is all that you can do.

With much love and desire for connective consciousness I share this thought with you.


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22 thoughts on “As I Sit Alone

  1. That’s actually a well-written post and not easy to be understood not because you mentioned but the reason is that it talks about imagination and high-level of awareness I think. I like to second the fact that we are all made of the same one thing; we’re so close and connected yet so very different. All kinds of troubles we go through are repeated and the older generations have been through the same thing, it’s just a matter of style, which emphasizes on what you said. Very thoughtful post, I love that. :)

  2. I am glad that there is always someone like you nearby to sit close to, your insight moves and nourishes hearts and especially minds. Every time I visit you I spend time pondering, contemplating and just embracing your words, and I probably do it a couple of times before I even leave a comment. Thanks Sheri for always bringing some new wisdom to life in our lives. Hugs and blessing to you my sister!

  3. You nailed it with this one, Sheri. If everyone could just understand a fraction of this concept there would be fewer problems in the world, fewer confrontations, less violence, more tolerance and understanding, and it would open the doors to peace. Keep hammering on the doors, as you do, and one day they will open and people will see. …xo

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