Purple Dragons

20140408-001457.jpg Dear Human,

Has anyone ever asked if you had to come back to earth as an animal what animal you would want to be?

My precious baby girl (she’s 10 and not mine) asked me this question today and I asked her if it had to be real.

She said slowly, “Well, what kind of animal do you feel like?” I replied very honestly in return, “Well, I don’t really feel like an animal.”

She looked at me with a tilted head and her big beautiful eyes and said so innocently and matter of factly, “You are a purple dragon Amma, let me draw a picture of how I see you.”

She proceeded to do so and as she was I decided to look up the meaning of purple dragons.

What if she was seeing a monster?

What if she thinks I’m going to spit fire at her and burn her to smithereens?

And then when I clicked on this (and many more to see if the meaning was different) I don’t know why, but I felt blown away.

Then I checked my twitter and a follower had taken my profile picture and a mystical picture and some words and created this collage.

It’s interesting how others see me. It’s not how I see myself. Actually, I don’t really see myself in anyway, which makes these all the more bewitching to me.

Thank you baby Rea.

Thank you Twitter friends, thank you WordPress friends, thank you FB, Pinterest and Instagram friends. The way you honor me completely blows me away…



Photo Credit: Google Images

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35 Responses to Purple Dragons

  1. Hmmm — busted by a 10 year old with clear seeing, were you? Beautiful!!! And what a great image she created! Much love to you ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Thanks Greg, you would know -:) Peace and kindness. Sheri

  3. todessakane2013 says:

    It’s been rainy but good thanks 🙂

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