What if the World Stopped Spinning


BY: Jan Krause Greene


What if the world stopped spinning?

If it just stood still on its axis and refused to move?

If at every latitude and longitude, the sun and moon
stayed still?

What if somewhere it is always sunrise and somewhere
else the sun is always setting?

What if some live forever in total darkness and
others in unrelenting light?

What if the earth just took a stand and said,
“I will not turn once more, not one degree,
not even the 100th of a degree, until you learn to love me?”

What if the earth were to shout to us, “I have done all
I will do for you. I will not provide succulent morsels
for your wasteful tongues after you rape me
with violence and pollution?”

What if she told us that she was finished
with the struggle, that it just was not worth it anymore?

What if she screamed in anger and in pain,
“I have no more tears to shed for you.
You have hurt me more than I am willing to endure.
You come to me for everything you need
and give nothing in return.”

What if she said in a voice full of despair,
“ It is too hard to sustain life when you
choose to kill and maim each other as a
way to solve problems.”

“I can not keep spinning. I will no longer
enable you to destroy us both. I have
given all I have to give. It is your turn now.”

What if in the bright light of the un-turning world,
we could never stop seeing all that we have
taken from her, if we were forced to stare at desolation?

What if in the perpetual darkness we could
never again see the beauty of a flower, a tree,
a mountain stream, waves breaking on the sand?

What if some lived in the glory of an eternal dawn
or the beauty of an eternal sunset, knowing that
the rest of the world would never ever see it?

If it was you, could you stand to know that you
were one of the few to be so lucky? Knowing
that so many are denied light and so many
others never given the respite of the dark?

What if we had no choice? What if the earth just
stopped giving? What if there was nothing we
could do to change her mind?

No pleading, no promises, no planting trees,
no conserving energy, no cleaning polluted
waters, no small gestures to show we care.

Would we realize how small these gestures are?

Would we be sorry that we did not do more?

What if it was too late? What if the world just
couldn’t take it anymore?

By Jan Krause Greene
Author of  ‘I Call Myself Earth Girl’

What if the world stopped spinning?
Cover of my novel!

I loved this so much and I tried to reblog it, but on my page the colors of the letters showed up black and were unreadable. I hope you will take time to go to Jan’s website where you will find many more beautiful articles. She is a lover of all things good, a beautiful soul and an excellent writer.


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  1. Hidden Rainforest — Thomas Bergersen, part of OST The Human Experience.

  2. Nice video. I liked the strong beat.

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