The Thing About Reflections

Dear Humanity,

We are ALL a reflection of each other.

Like a mirror we absorb in and reflect out.

Everything that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch goes into the mirror of our mind. Within a nano second we subconsciously run it through our “previous life experience” filter, which is where we store all the reflections of everyone and everything that we have ever encountered.

Finally, as fast as we took the image, smell, taste or touch in, we project it out for others to see and experience.

One way or another, we reflect everything and everyone we observe. We are all in some weird and strange way … each other.

Let’s be good, kind, loving, compassionate and sensitive reflections then. Isn’t that how you want to represent me? I know it is how I wish to reflect you, because I can and because I should.


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Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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39 Responses to The Thing About Reflections

  1. That is beautiful. Thank you for that my friend.

  2. I suspect your best memories are yet to be. I hope and pray that the worst have already been and are being transformed within you through the alchemy of your shimmering iridescence.

  3. Thats such a wonderful story! Wow! Thank you for sharing it. What a blessing that must have been. I ince lived in a buddhist commune for 9 montjs when I was 7. My mom was a seeker. It was and still is one of my best memories. I am so glad our paths have crossed my friend. Truly. Love, sheri

  4. Well, it is complicated . Like most of us, my family genealogy is mixed, eve though most of my ancestors have documented themselves more than most.

    Thering Wangmo is Tibetan and indicates a certain spiritual commitment. It is not the name I use, usually, but I do, sometimes, use it to give clues as to my personal beliefs. I don’t find any conflicts with basic Tibetan Buddhist beliefs and my own. I do have some conflicts (of beliefs, practices, attitudes) with what I was taught (by default or direct forceful application — hahaha) growing up. But I was blessed with learning something different, something more, than was overtly intended by my first childhood teachers, at home.

    Included in my make-up, though is a bit more humor than many purists of most belief systems can tolerate, especially fragile stick-in-the mud or self-important violent types. Laughter is a tool I use to help some gain strength relative to the forces that weaken them/us.

    There is a school of Tibetan Buddhist thought that protests (with demonstrations, even) the Dalai Llama’s slightly modernized versions of traditional teachings. This other group thinks that only people of physical Tibetan genealogy should be allowed to learn certain teachings or be allowed to participate in some rituals or offices, and that only certain language should be used, no translations.

    This link might help to clarify. The one group would/does disapprove, the Dalai Llama has blessed this nunnery. I don’t live in Vermont, and I have not visited the Peace Village. However, the Nunnery incorporates a blending of ideas backgrounds and beliefs, including Tsalagi, or Cherokee, that is not so different from how many of us are put together. I, also am Echota Tsalagi.

    PS I once went somewhere, thirty or so years ago, and the Dalai Llama was there. I was very surprised!! πŸ˜€ I wanted to gift him something, but what did I possibly posses that would be worthwhile? One of the retainer Llamas noticed the struggle on my face, and asked me, privately, if I had a question I wanted to ask His Holiness. I told him my problem, and with a great big smile he told me I was the solution to a problem they had just been discussing. He said I should gift His Holiness with a joke that they all could share. They found all this jet-setting around the world terribly time consuming, tedious and physically boring so that maintaining a cheerful pleasant outlook had become a discipline of itself. All around the world people are people with the same struggles and questions … and yet they had to make up their own jokes and fun to cheer each other and pass the long lonesome hours. As you can tell, I am still delighted that I was allowed to help keep that enigmatic smile on The Dalai Llama’s face. At least for a few minutes .. and the Llama I spoke with was able to do a service for His Holiness, the retinue, himself, and even me . How happy is that?

    PSS I can’t remember the joke I told … I think I really did give it away πŸ˜€ And like most offerings, it has replaced itself in my life, many fold.

    Thank you for al that you have done, Beautiful Flying Angel Sherri

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