I Have A Confession


Dear Human,

I have a confession I must share with you. You rant and rave about this and that, hoping that someone will give a crap.

Guess what? I do.

There is another secret I’ve kept from you. When you are ugly and hurtful and could care less about others … I still care for you.

If you drink or smoke, do drugs, sell dope, I still care for you.


Because I am connected to you.

We are individual it’s true. But when you are in that place of love in you, and I am in that place of love in me, we are one; here on earth in outer space, as we travel around our sun.


I know I have my own flaws, faults and problems, I really do. But that’s what makes me just like you.

I write these words every day because I want to help you grow. It doesn’t discount the fact that it’s also what I need to know.

Do these “Letters” help? I really don’t know. I hope with every essence of my being that it is so. But if they don’t, I’ll write them anyway. I’ll continue in hopes that I make sense to maybe one of you a day.

My message: I care.

The truth: You are so significant and valuable simply because you exist.

The hope: That you will not waste one more moment of your life not really living.

The faith: That you will perceive more deeply the conscious being that you already are.

Your essence is the real you and it’s brighter than the brightest star. No matter who YOU are.


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About Dear Human

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63 Responses to I Have A Confession

  1. mihrank says:

    Sheri – I have a confession for you as well – I adore you:)

    This is a duet clip with my sister for you:

    The Lyrics of the song is:

    You are my love
    You are my life
    Without your presence
    I cannot survive

    A loving heart
    A warm embrace
    Makes me love you
    In a thousand ways

    A fiery passion
    A warmth within
    Makes me caress you
    Till my heart’s win

    A gentle touch
    A yearning kiss
    Makes me blissful
    Of the moment I don’t want to miss

    From the moment I saw you
    My heart could not resist
    The temptation of a soul mate
    So gracious and best

    Your love melts my heart
    It takes my breath away
    Your body renders me speechless
    What more do I say

    Your love is the greatest blessing
    Bestowed on my gentle soul
    I am now with you in ecstasy
    Will never again be alone

    © 2014 Paramount Studios& Akriti Mattu All Rights Reserved

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  2. YesRising says:

    So beautiful! Warms my spirit… Namaste my friend. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful Angel Lady, I think that many more people care for you than actually reply. Many rely on your patience as you wait for their courage to blossom so that they will risk exposing the soft part of Heart. It is your loving courage that makes so many feel safe, just by reading what you write. Thank you.

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  5. PapaBear says:

    I just felt I had to comment on this again. You have faults !!!! ????? The only ones I know of are that you love too easily, too deeply, too trustingly….., and may these continue to be such terrible issues until you take your last breath on this earth. May you never find a cure for them…….xo

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