Dear Human


Dear Human,

Why do I start each letter with “Dear Human”?

Is it because I write letters to other beings? Is it because I don’t think you understand you belong to the human race?


It seems that when I am writing my letters I am doing so with the visual in my mind of every single human being on earth as EQUAL. Equal yet different.

“Dear Human” is leveling the field so that all, ALL, may stand equally upon it and hear the songs of language as I write these letters to you. Noble, equal and diverse members of the rare and sentient human race.

YOU are indeed the magic of outer space.


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About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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12 Responses to Dear Human

  1. I am humbled ans thank you deeply Annka💫❤️

  2. Thank you Peter. In the long run, we are all the same. Uniquely beautiful and all one. Sheri

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