Be Like the Tree


Dear Human,

I have observed that people are very much like trees, constantly turning a new leaf.

The thing is that we don’t see ourselves like a tree. We don’t often have awareness of what season we are in. The season of birth, growth or full bloom? We really have a hard time with the season of letting go. Accepting the need to shed the old and unnecessary things acquired in many of our NOW moments doesn’t come easy does it?

But we must to prepare for the next circle on the ring of our life as BEING.

Each season we live through, whatever it consists of, wants to bring a deeper sense of understanding. A stronger unveiling of the things we know but have forgotten or a simply hidden behind the veil of learned life.

Trees don’t resist their cycles. They simply live them. When the weather changes the tree changes with it. Humans can be reminded of much from a tree.


Photo Image: I combined the quote with a Google images photo

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Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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28 Responses to Be Like the Tree

  1. As always, deeply healing message!!!!

  2. That is exactly what i said Peter. Im glad we see it the same. It has nothing to do with anything material. It has everything to do with mind and programming. 💫

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