Dear Human,

Today I was asked what advice I would give to someone who is just starting to question what’s most important in life. What do I wish I would have done more of when I was 19?

I replied, “I can think of only one thing that encompasses all things. It is an outward expression of a myriad of inward emotions. One that will never ever fail you. One that will never ever seize to be important. One that will make YOU feel good when you give it away and will make the recipient feel valued and loved.”

“What on earth is that?”, she asked.

“The one that I suspect is MOST IMPORTANT”, I replied. “Kindness. I would always be kind to everything”.

“But that’s really hard”, she responded.

“I know”, said I. “That’s what makes it so priceless”.


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13 Responses to MOST IMPORTANT

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  2. Harbans says:

    My gratitude.


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