Dear Human,

Look at these flowers. What do you see? Radiant color, spectacular form, strange beauty, foreignness, nature, uniqueness yet similarity?

Now for a brief moment take the time to realize that you are more complex, diverse, creatively designed, beautiful, and deliciously fragrant than these flowers will ever be.

Step back from the awe of this plant and look at the wonder of you. Do you realize that if these plants matter so much to the universe that it is imperative that they exist, how much you must surely matter?

You are a human being, thinking machine, aware of your awareness sentient being. I’m wowed at how marvelous you are every time I see you.

Love, Sheri

#WUVIP Member
Photo Credit:OK Kvetiny

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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14 Responses to DESIGNED

  1. Ha! I guess some flowers don’t smell and some don’t smell good-:) xO

  2. They are amazingly designed I think. Random? Hmmm

  3. Kev says:

    They are like old maids holding empty dishes! 😀

  4. PapaBear says:

    Well, I guess that would depend on your depends on your definition of fragrance! ! ! ! 😉 . . . xo

  5. Thanks Rosie. I don’t know how you do all those book reviews but what a great job!

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