Dear Human,

Right now I’m sitting in the lounge of the posh Portland Prime restaurant reading ‘In Search of the Miraculous’ by Ouspensky.

Deeply engrossed in my book I take a moment to look up and be mindful. And low and behold, 20 feet in front of me is a beautiful big window. I peer out only to see a very stark contrast to me sitting on this cushy leather barstool, with my Perrier water and Calamari.

Suddenly I feel the extreme suffering of those around me and guilt flows through me. It doesn’t seem right that I’m drinking sparkling water and the two men that walked past the window 30 seconds ago don’t even have a home to take a shower in. GULP.

In my thoughtfulness I find my guilt transforming into a feeling of intense thankfulness for everything I have, down to the very stockings on my feet.

You see life isn’t equal. Life doesn’t extend to all the same comforts nor the same sufferings. I know this.

So as I sit here I ponder that the kindness, love, smiles and genuine interaction I gave to many people today may have been the only good thing they experienced all day.

And I take a sip of my water.

Mindful. Mindful. Mindful.

And so I bow my head in gratitude to the master of the universe who smiles upon the essence of me that exists, right here, right now, in this space.

God does not live in my heart. I live in Gods heart. And so do the poor, and the suffering, and the cruel, and the kind. And in the heart of the master of the universe there is hope.

Mindful. Mindful. Mindful…


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12 Responses to THE CRUEL AND THE KIND

  1. Sheri, Thank you soooooooooo much! You really touched my heart and lifted my spirit with your comment. Very much appreciated. Sending you a virtual hug!

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