Dear Human,

Life can seem like an endless path of circles around pain with occasional stopovers at love and joy.

What is it that can change these seeming cycles of circumstances? Time, money, friends, health, or even spirituality? I think not. Ultimately the only agent of change is you and your understanding of self.

You are so rich, so complete, so beautiful and were born a finished product. Everything you are is there, right within you. You don’t have to work to become dear human. You simply have to unveil what you already are.

Love your life. As you do so you will begin to see that there is nothing unfinished about you. Simultaneously you will begin to notice what parts of you are under nourished and need to be watered with deeper intention, greater self-awareness and more sincere self-love.

This is the journey. This is the adventure. This is the path we are all walking each other home on.

By loving life soon you’ll see there is no circle. There is no cycle. There are only opportunities for deeper connection to yourself, your meaning and your perfect imperfections.


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About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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20 Responses to THE JOURNEY

  1. “You don’t have to work to become. But you must strive to unveil what you already are.”
    And perhaps it’s even more simple — allow the veils to fall off, revealing that which you truly are. I am finding lately that jettisoning the baggage is getting to be as easy as “giving a nod to the old and letting it go.” Thank you for this reminder that we are already who we are with no need to do anything more to become it. ♥

  2. Val Boyko says:

    There is no circle. Love it! (of course 😉

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