Dear Human,

The mirror of self-observation is a double-sided mirror. Like one of those that you can buy that magnifies you and shows all your glorious imperfections that you really don’t want to see. But you must have wanted to see them or you wouldn’t have bought the mirror.

Self-observation inspires & accuses. It exposes who you THINK you are and who you WISH to be to the truth of who you REALLY are.

When you look into this mirror you begin to see your “self” clearer and clearer with each observation. By being more self-observant you begin to realize that you a finished product just waiting to discover all the amazing things about yourself. Attributes and powers that have been veiled to your understanding of self, much like steam fogs the shower mirror.

And all that copycatting  of the ones you admire, the ones you wish to be like, drop away as you realize your very own magic and mystery.

Yes, everything you need in order to be the successful, loved, and able to give love dear and sentient human being ~ already exists within you. So don’t be afraid and do practice more the art of self-observation.


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Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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