Dear Human,

In case you have forgotten the power of a single strand of thread I’d like to remind of its incredible magic.

Each strand in and of itself can be used to repair things that have been torn apart. That’s very important. We could just stop there and that would be enough. But there’s more.

Incredibly, each intertwined piece of thread creates beautiful fabric. In all of existence as far as we know there is only one piece of fabric called “Humanity”. Beautiful and colorful fabric consisting of seven billion individual strands of thread.

But the fabric of humanity is torn. Wars, pestilence, impatience, power over, disease, greed, discrimination, prejudice and unkindness have done much damage to it.

But again, what repairs torn or damaged fabric? The single piece of thread.

YOU my beloveds are the individual strands of thread in this beautiful fabric of life. You have the ability to sew back together that which is being torn asunder; one loving stitch at a time.

If that doesn’t make you valuable, magical, powerful, beautiful and needed, what does?


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Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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10 Responses to THE SINGLE STRAND

  1. Well, then you know exactly how important that strand of thread is my sweet friend! Happy repairing! Xo

  2. PapaBear says:

    Funny, Sheri, you just reminded me that I need to sew up a tear in my favorite old winter work coat !!! 🙂 …..xo

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