Dear Human,

Life is a miracle. And all my days seem so glorious. Words are nothing compared to what I feel. And all I can do is look back and reflect upon existence, and I sense from deep within that time is real. 


This day won’t come again. So I bask in the brilliant awareness and light of this now moment, forever planted in the memory garden of my mind.

Love, Sheri

©Dear Human #WUVIP #Time #inspiration

About Dear Human

Specializing in Transformation and Mindful Living | Core Blogger for The Wellness Universe | Creator of Dear Human and The Other Side of Ugly
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6 Responses to TIME IS SO REAL

  1. joykuse says:

    Yes, time is so real. This is brightening up my mood after a loss of a friend. Thank you.

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  2. sfarnell says:

    Another great post about the importance of appreciation. It’s sometimes hard to to, in the good times we forget to appreciate what’s good and in the bad times we can get dragged down. Each day is an opportunity to change the world for ourselves of someone else 🙂

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  3. Rosie Amber says:

    A reminder that we should all appreciate the moment and if its a bad one then the next one can change it all.

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