Dear Human,

Some days are just so amazing, just so beautiful, just so filled with goodness that you don’t know how to be. On those days you might even question the pure sensation of such joy. Wondering how everything could seem so very right. 

As I sit here at my desk writing this letter, I’m mesmerized by the universe. I am mystified at how life unfolds so differently each day, hour, moment and even second. I suspect there must be an intrinsic need to experience 100% perfect now experiences every once in a while. Days that remind us that all the rest of what isn’t perfect is still so worth it. Something a little magical to remind us that life is truly wonderful. 

I suspect we have all experienced an extraordinary moment of awareness. One that no amount of time passed can diminish. 

That perfect sensation has been indelibly imprinted in our self-remembering as well as our memory. 


It’s so incredible that it is worth all the battles, all the failures, all the ups and downs it could ever throw at us. I would live this life again and again with 100 years of nothing but seemingly bad days just to experience one beautiful NOW.

And again as I sit here typing away I sense the great news. There are no bad days. There is simply no such thing as a bad day.  

Love, Sheri

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About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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7 Responses to MY LAST WORST DAY

  1. Wow, happy belated birthday Bert!

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