Dear Human,

Perhaps we depend on our eyes to much. What if we were to close them? What if we were to see the world and all its inhabitants through the imagination of our mind? What do you suppose we might find? I suspect we would see far more beauty than we do with just pure vision. Because you see, we would be using all of our senses to formulate an image. And that’s what we have been designed to do, but we don’t. And because we use them or put intention into our independent senses, we don’t get the whole picture. I think that perhaps if we used all of our abilities collectively we would see more of the magic and wonder of the human being than we actually do with our eyes.


🌎Dear Human© #WUVIP
#humanity #imagination

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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13 Responses to THE MINDS EYES

  1. Love you sweet Kristen! WOW! 😊

  2. Amen! wouldn’t it be great if we all just connected through heart instead of viewing first. Great post, You are spot on!

  3. Thank you for such kind words sweet Billy Ray. ❤️ You are a dear man.

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