Dear Human,

I am of the opinion that every person you meet and every experience you’ve had was necessary to bring you to this time and place. To this moment of expansion and exploration of truth, meaning, destiny and purpose.

Many do not believe this. And that’s ok. I understand how difficult it is to accept that hardship and pain are meant to exist. Yet, I have observed that everything in its own way matters. That it is what you do with your life experiences that shape your existence. That what has happened to you is only relevant in conjunction to the meaning you make of it.

My wish for you is that you might receive each experience in such a way that you fully engage in it and totally own it.

If it serves you well, hold onto it. And if it does not, after holding it and accepting it as a part of your journey, lay it down and walk away.

And be glad that everything matters, because that makes everything meaningful.


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11 Responses to THE #1 REASON TO CONTINUE ON

  1. themaskgirl says:

    Beautifully written.
    Even the things that don’t serves us well, teaches us a lesson. Nothing goes wasted. It’s all about learning and growing. Yes! everything matters.


  2. And now ‘knowing’ as you do is so precious, as it gives hope to those that can hear, and even those that can’t will feel the signposts that you give, even if they don’t yet understand.
    Those truths cannot be hidden as they are built on the foundation of love…of which you give freely Sheri.
    Thank you and gladly accepted from the depth that these words were given.
    Blessings for your gift. Namaste

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  3. sfarnell says:

    Hey, long time no speak. Such a great post, what weve done or experienced defines us. How ee react and deal with it makes us the characters we are. Always love your posts Sheri and I hope youre doing ok ☺

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    • Dear Human says:

      I don’t think what we do or experiences defines us. It definitely shows where our mind is in the moment. But define is, no. We are in my opinion whole of form the moment we are born. We learn behavior, but it can be changed. What defines is in my opinion, is what we were born with. The ability to move, be kind, wonder, dream, explore, show compassion and all the other myriads of beautiful essence we expressed in our youth. Especially openness. If we can find our original openness, man how we grow. Our reactions are often based on faulty belief systems. All of which can easily be changed. Thanks for reading and sharing my friend. I truly appreciate your perspective too. XO Sheri

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