Dearest Humanity,

May we truly stop, just stop right now and not be thankful for our lives, but rather be grieved for those who continue to lose their life to the madness of a few human beings gone rogue.

If we don’t take this personally, if we don’t let it HURT our hearts and bring us to our knees with deep remorse, it will not stop.

I don’t know the answer.

I don’t know how to cure the cancer of this crazy acceptance – that it is okay to kill each other – except for a deeper and more profound understanding of the absolute pricelessness of life.

Let us not pray only for the most recent burst of insanity towards this amazing city, but for all the cultures, cities and human beings that suffer upon our earth.

And then, only then, let us offer up our thanksgiving, like incense in the air, for our safety, plenty, freedom and security.


Dear Human @2015

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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6 Responses to ABOUT THE SANITY

  1. Not that I wouldn’t love that, but have you read my solution(s), my World War post? While the so-called leaders of the world might agree on a human level, I highly doubt that they’d agree on a hunger level. Then again, I never feel as though we’ve reached the end of our “hope rope.” 🙂

  2. Dear Human says:

    With all my heart precious.

  3. Dear Human says:

    Persons I could help you to get the world leaders to listen to your solution. If you would like, I’m willing to try.

  4. So much writing today, myself included, on this very subject … and so many different expressions, perceptions and thoughts, though love seems to be the connection between them all. I so loved how you spoke of it not only being Paris, as did as well, the darkness of this Evil/hate is against our world, not only Paris, and Paris is far from the only City suffering.

    I on the other hand do believe I’ve found the solution; however, finding the solution which would force the leaders of the world to hear my solution, now that’s the conundrum I’m faced with. XOX Thank you for sharing Sheri.

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