Dear Human,

In case you have forgotten, let this serve as a gentle reminder of your relationship with all of nature. Like planet earth, you too must rest your weary body, your tired mind, and your hard worked spirit. It is time to quiet yourself; to learn from the trees who want to teach you the cycles of rest and renewal. In the quiet place of your beautiful inner-self, you can participate in the natural rituals of the winter solstice. On this shortest day of the year, in the northern hemisphere of earth, the universe once again imparts her magnificent wisdom to you. 

“Slow down” spectacular humanity, reflect on your busy year. Be amazed by that which has been born through the labor of your kindness, love, and diligence. Prepare yourself to once again release clean and life giving air to all who cross your path. Draw into yourself gained wisdom from the many mistakes you have made. Make meaning of every hardship you have experienced. These are yours to give away when the warmth of spring returns.”

With the proper attention you can allow all that has come to you during this years trip around the sun, to wind completely down. You can sit with yourself calmly, and learn more profoundly, how to be intimate with your own words and emotions. And like this part of existence, in the realm of this magical universe, you can silently prepare yourself for the great opportunities that lie ahead. 

Be like the trees my beloveds, and learn to let the dead leaves go. Only when this is done will that which remains inside be finally freed to grow.

Your Fellow Traveler

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About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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17 Responses to RITUALS

  1. Simon says:

    I’m not sure I have a best month, I’ve not felt Christmassy for many years. I think my favorite month would be where Spring begins.
    I cannot believe you have a 12 yr old grand daughter. You can’t be old enough, you certainly don’t look it ☺😘

  2. Dear Human says:

    December is my favorite month. People are typically just better humans. But this year was exceptionally lovely. My granddaughter said it was her best Christmas ever. She is 12, and I agree, there has not been a better Christmas in the last dozen years!

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