Dear Human,

It is easy to focus on the pain that comes with being chiseled. You effortlessly begrudge the artist who designed you for the discomfort involved in exposing your perfection. Instead of remembering that each chink of that chisel unveils the masterpiece that you are beneath your rough exterior, you lament the often uncomfortable touch of the creative intelligence of Source. And the pain of being cleansed of the impurities that hide your natural beauty, causes you to forget the light of your hope, the strength of your resolve, and the glory of your endurance. The very attributes that brighten the splendid space in which you exist.

I wonder though, if you could see how your sacred essence shines forth from each fissure in the shell of your soul, exposing the holiness of your deep and magnificent spirit, would it hurt the same?

Sometimes my beloveds, like an artifact that was buried in the depths of the earth, covered with the dirt of times past, sometimes you too must be cracked open to reveal the magical light that resides within you. That radiance with which you were formed that cannot be darkened and will never fade. It is the hope of the universe that you will remember that the perfection of your original design is being exposed daily. The faithful and ever meticulous energy of the Sculptor works painstakingly to show you the majesty of your eternal form.

May this knowing, in its own mystical way, bring you divine peace in the midst of the pain of being unveiled.

Your Fellow Traveler –

🌎Dear Human© 2016

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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2 Responses to CRACKED OPEN

  1. Dear Human says:

    Glad you enjoyed and that your knowing is even existent! But of course it would be with you Mark.

  2. My ‘knowing’ is going great Sheri…it is a serenity in its love, like no other 🙂
    Great share, thank you!

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