Dear Human,

Everyday is another chance to turn your ugly moments, hours, days and years into something beautiful. How? By remembering that you are not any of your life experiences.

You are not your pain.
You are not your mistakes.
You are not your hurt feelings.
You are not your anger.
You are not your sadness.
You are not your fear.

Yes, sometimes life brings hardships that seem to heavy to bare; but you are not your weakness. Sometimes people’s words make you feel horrible, but you are not their words. Sometimes work seems meaningless, but you are not what you do for a living.

What you are my beloveds is so much bigger than any earthly thing.

You are LOVE.
You are LIGHT.
You are ENERGY.
You are a GIFT to humanity.
You are ETERNAL.
… and so much more.

You are able to take all that is already in you and change not only this planet, but you can actually transform the energy of the entire universe.

Your THOUGHTS matter.
Your FAITH matters.
Your EXISTENCE matters.

You are so very important to the biggest plan that has ever been envisioned and executed. The plan of life as a member of the body of mortal humanity and the immortal member of the cosmos. The source of all, the author of everything, the architect of this glorious universe, sees you for who you really are. Existence believes in you, even when you don’t.

The chief designer of your presence fights your battles with you, even though you cannot see your wondrous warrior companion. Your very own essence is formed in such a way as to defend your mind against the onslaught of lies that come your way everyday. You are so much more than human, you are an everlasting essence privileged to live on Earth and make an impact on the mankind that needs your presence.

People watch you. Those who have always been love you. The earth feels your weight upon her and chooses to sustain you.

Will you not open your minds eyes and see who you are oh human? Will you not open your heart to the truth that you are a much needed thread in the fabric of all that exists, because in you lies so much power. The very power that causes the stars to shine bright for millions of years. They are your heavenly parents. Embrace your true identity.

In every obstacle there is something beautiful to be discovered, you must simply look for the other side of ugly.
Everything you put out comes back to you. EVERYTHING. Let that which comes forth from you be good, kind, loving and worthy of remembering.

Today is the day to make your very own footprints on eternity. Today dear one, is the day to BE the light, love, and universal miracle that you already are.

Your Fellow Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2016

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. Dear Human says:

    I love those words… if we but stood within it. Thank you Mark. 💖

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