Dear Human,

Many feelings you have are so fleeting you don’t consciously know you’ve felt them. But you did, and your mind remembers. It has found a way to swiftly move past that which might cause you spiritual and emotional disturbances. And by so doing, it has decreased the awe of your life experience. By sweeping sad or embarrassing memories and uncomfortable revelations about yourself under the rug of your thoughts and into the depth of your subconscious, your mind creates paths that lead you away from your own sacred wholeness. In your haste to get your day finished with the least amount of unwelcomed emotional interruption, opportunities to radically experience how you are wonderfully and beautifully formed are missed. 

In your innate desire to be connected to life, you disconnect from the very things that can make you whole, those tender learning moments. Thankfully the creative intelligence of existence knows the complexity of having a human experience as a spiritual being. 

Every life experience, every thought, whether appropriate or not, and every unsolicited emotion you have, is a part of your miraculous design. In you there resides a spark that consistently reminds you to remember what you have forgotten about the wonder of your whole being. Your personal life blueprint has been carefully drawn up. Your intrinsic need to re-enter that place of acceptance and unit of love in a holistic and purposed way is coursing through your veins just as much as is the blood of your human life. 

And all that is and was and will be, is unfolding to help make remembering who you really are possible. Your deepest desire to experience unconditional, invisible, and yet the very tangible force of love, is exactly what the universe wants for you. And while the methods designed to facilitate the recollection of what you already know aren’t always painless, they are always, always, perfect. Opening your mind and heart to fully let in and appreciate every moment of life, the ups and downs and everything in between, is the key to getting you back to your original, mystical, and magnificent design. 

Your life as an earthling is just a skip of a stone that is gliding across eternities existence. It is a ping upon your consciousness, meant to nudge your astonishing and complete essence to awaken from the quite spell that time has cast upon your remembering.
You are here, aware of this moment, so that you might once again enter into the collective awareness of the holy and divine space of love. For above all that is ever experienced, love is what makes all of humanity know that it is invisibly, yet tangibly one. 

Your Fellow Traveler –

🌎Dear Human© 2016 

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About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. Ralph says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ Happy Valentine's Day dear Sheri ! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you kind lady 🙂 And it is a pleasure to hear the beauty of the love in your words Sheri, and that awareness in your journey also.
    I smile within when I read each post, because I can do no other when your heart stands in the power of that truth.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Dear Human says:

    You are aware and open. I love that about you Mark.

  4. I initially thought this world was a time of pain and hurt, and couldn’t wait till it was over.
    Little did I know, in touching spirit, the beauty that would unfold to show all that you have said.
    It IS a journey, an unfolding within to experience and then be that love that we all seek. Always creating upon that, that was built before, ever increasing an awareness and a realisation that it is much pain, but through that very thing is the empathy and love that will bring us to that place within….that one place that is unconditional love.
    Beautifully written Sheri, a post from that place, a place that will show us the way home.
    Thank you for sharing. Love and light on this special day…and every day 🙂

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