Dear Human,

What if that person who honked at you two minutes ago just found out they had cancer?

What if that driver who like a slippery little snake stole your parking spot closest to the stores door just got the news that her son was killed in Afghanistan?

What if that doctor who made you feel unheard or unimportant just learned that another patient of hers just died, and that patient was her father?

What if that homeless person who just asked for a dollar for a beer is homeless because he lost his mother and father when he was just a child … and the system just couldn’t help “fix”his mind?

There are so many reasons why people behave the way they do. It’s usually not because they are jerks or worthless or inconsiderate. Usually it’s so much more than that. 

Who knows … maybe once upon a time one of these people were you or me.

What if we stopped seeing the offense and started looking at the person? What a different way to look at life, what a different world we would see.

Your Fellow Traveler ~

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11 Responses to DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE

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  2. Carrie says:

    Perspective. Powerful post. Thank you.

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  3. Some people hide and don’t want you to see the hurt. So they put on the face they save for the world. Our job is to let them be, have their space but offer our face, our smile and provide an open heart they can seek out if they choose to show their real face. We offer love and compassion to all we meet. Some will embrace and accept it others need more time.

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  4. Beautifully put Sheri. We all have our ‘bits’ and just because we ‘can’ handle something, doesn’t mean others can.
    I always help their hearts where I can.
    Who knows, maybe the next person ‘they’ help (not in expectation, but because you have helped them find themselves), may be ‘your’ mom, dad, child or best friend.
    Thank you for sharing that wonderful heart Sheri, it shines well kind lady 🙂

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    • Dear Human says:

      Well I can say this about you Mark. I think you change people’s lives everyday. I know for a fact that you always make me feel like what I write, matters. You therefore encourage me to continue. And I often need to know that what I receive resonates with others. It lifts my spirits. So I thank you kind sir, from very deep within.

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      • You always stand in your truth Sheri, there is no more love greater.
        While ever you stand in that place, your words have great power for you and those that hear you. Others are drawn to it because of that, so that they also begin that journey.
        I hear you, and feel that light within. Be that sentinel Sheri, for you are also changing our paths, one of hope and a belief of what can be done within us all. Namaste

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