Dear Human,

In your desire to be accepted you often put on a self that is not genuinely you. Over the years, and with multiple rejections and loss, you have learned to introduce yourself as someone other than who you are.  

You find yourself afraid, thinking that if you relax and be yourself, the other person will go away, be disappointed, or even shame you. And maybe they will. Never look at yourself through another persons eyes, for this is truly tunnel vision. The view is narrow and so much of your magic is outside the perimeter of sight. 

How you were born my beloveds, is all you are called to be. It is all you are meant to be. You were enough “before” you started changing yourself with your doubts and insecurities. You were and are complete in spite of your series of unfortunate life events. And your opinion of yourself is what truly matters. It’s what allows the magnificent in you to manifest.

Give yourself permission to be exactly who you are; a rare gem of the cosmos, working daily to improve the brilliance of your original shine. It will have a healing affect upon your mind and spirit, restoring you to your natural beauty. And it will have a healing influence on the people in your life as well. It allows everyone to feel a little less awkward, because they, like you, must also learn to be real. 

So as you breathe your way through life, just be you. Because the greatest gift you bring to others and the universe at large, is your sacred authenticity.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

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About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. Dear Human says:

    Thank you Mark. I think we can all do it well when we put our being into it. You definitely do it well too, and you inspire me to keep improving. To polishing my own shine. Thank you Mark, for your encouragement and consistent presence here. Support is everything and I am deeply thankful beloved you.

  2. Dear Human says:

    I’ve taken a change in my writing my friend. As I grow my counseling practice, and the things I would like to accomplish in my life, I am finding that being positive is great, but not seeing the daily ups and downs of life as compliments to our overall well being is very harmful. I miss you too Papabear. How goes life? Are you well?

  3. PapaBear says:

    Hello dear friend. Have missed you. Much truth in your words here. 🙂 …..xo

  4. revgerry says:

    Why didn’t I know this when i was younger? xoxo Gerry

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