Dear Human,

The world is full of life, a mystical journey that has a beginning and an end. Even the earth herself is subject to the same law. One day, Gaia too will end. Like your cherished planet that dwells in the realms of outer space, in between the birth and death of your sacred human vessel, you witness and experience both majesty and misery. Your mind is subject to many actions and words every single second. You see that people have grown to be cruel, forgetting the essence of love that they are. You understand that governments reign terror upon those they are supposed to protect. You battle with the realization that religions fight one another over whose God is the real God. And your beautiful brain tries so desperately to make meaning of all the information it is receiving. It takes it in, compares it to your previous experiences, and decides how you should respond. 

If you let it. 

But that is not how you were designed to expand your consciousness my beloveds. Your body was never meant to direct your spirit. In the middle of any circumstance your innate essence, your spectacular spirit, can choose how to dance with your reality. Your miraculous sense of awareness can sit back and simply witness the external elements of space time existence, or it can slowly close its spiritual eyes in the effort to avoid what might seem like a bad, bad, trip. You can elect to be untouched by the negative energy that many people have succumbed to, or you can become entangled with it, rarely realizing the choice you made. Human life is not only mysterious alpha and omega, it is one constant choice. Decisions must be made, of this there is no question. 

It is time dear ones, to sit with your masterful ability to direct how you interact with the that which is taking place all around you. It is completely within your capacity to have peace and eternal joy on the inside, while that which is outside of you is in the throes of terrible turmoil. You, in all your magnificence, are never that which is happening around you or to you. You are only the witness. Yes, you may physically feel another persons violation upon your being. And you will definitely encounter painful energies and actions that stimulate your senses to anger, frustration, embarrassment, and a sense of unacceptance. And all of this is okay. You are always okay when you remember you are not your circumstances.

Your emotions are simply the symptoms of the well-being of your spiritual health. When they are full of sadness, anxiety, depression, and fear, it is your body telling you that your mind is in control, not your sentient self. And in your design, you have the power and strength to be kind to your own humanity. To remember that this is just the in-between of your fleshly union with spirit. Chose to let your essence of unconditional love be the dominate force of your sojourn upon this planet. As you practice the supernatural act of self kindness in response to all that you have felt or are feeling, you will rediscover your divine self. For kindness mends your mind and has the power to heal your broken heart, if you will but extend yourself it’s generosity. 

No longer allow misery to be the master that directs your wondrous earthly adventure, in spite of your present or past conditions. You, the pure and intoxicating awareness are the magical entity in charge of guiding your inner world, regardless of what is happening in your outer one.

Your Fellow Space Traveler~

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  1. Dear Human says:

    Namaste Mark. Thank you.

  2. And I get in the way so many times….and spirit laughs….because it is needed to hone that beauty within πŸ˜€
    Great post Sheri, beautifully written πŸ™‚

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