Beloved Friends,

I’m so saddened by today’s tragedy in Florida. It’s not that these incidents aren’t happening everyday, because they are. And this is what truly breaks my heart. We are such a beautiful species, with the ability to be so much more than we are. It’s within our very essence to be agents of change. To erase the imaginary lines of division that have led and continue to lead to violence. My heart is heavy with the burden of this make believe separation. No practice that anyone personally participates in should result in disunion from the core of our reality, which is that regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or age, we are all the same. We bleed the same blood. We cry the same tears. 

As our hearts go out to the lost, and now the suffering by those who are left in its wake of grief and pain, let us not become divisive in our minds. Let us not stoop to the same very lowness within our own intelligent beings, by feeling the desire to seek revenge. 

Yes, terrorism is horrible. Yes, innocent people keep dying. How then should we respond to those who continue to perpetuate false division?

Perhaps by remembering that those who harm others are themselves very wounded … so very, very, broken. Let us remember that the killers on this earth don’t need to also be eliminated, they need to be healed. I love you all, whoever you are, wherever you are on this earth. I know that we need to find the way to stop this madness. And I know within the depths of my essence that it will not come from a place of hatred or anger. I believe in mankind. Let’s unite in thought and action and be the very difficult change we wish to see. Because as the majestic humanity that we are … we can … and we should.


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8 Responses to LET’S END VIOLENCE

  1. Aurore2014 says:

    I’m sad too for the tragedy in Florida. Nevertheless I still hope and believe in mankind like you.

  2. Dear Human says:

    And the object of peace is peace.

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