Dear Human,

You are so afraid of your natural self because you know it’s different than anyone else. So you look around and try to be what seems to fit best where you are. But by so doing, you are stealing from this magnificent universe a priceless treasure, your perfectly designed essence. You are short changing the cosmos of sacred illumination by dimming the light of your own brilliant star which many call spirit. I know it takes a lot of courage to be your authentic self my beloveds. I also know that you must, because this dimension of existence brought you into being that you might complete it. You, as you are, make up a part of the blueprint of eternity. Be real, because your own real is absolutely divine.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #authentic #spirituality #dearhum #enlightenement

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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