Dear Human,

Everything is magical when you see it with your heart. Your glorious existence is the ultimate definition of magic. Being able to see the sun, stars, moon, and all that lives on planet earth, is a supernatural ability gifted to just a few. And you are one of the few. All of the components of your consciousness are inexplicable. To this day no one is able to figure out how to create any of your emotions. Trigger them, manipulate them, exploit them, yes. But actually conjuring them up with a dash of math and a pinch of creativity just isn’t possible. All of your senses, every intuitive perception you have ever had, is the secret recipe of the universe. Why then my beloveds, would you ever want to avoid any of them?

Like love, compassion, gentleness and kindness ~ grief and fear, are a part of being alive. In perilous situations they can even be life preservers. They are both a natural response to the anticipation of pain. It can come from erroneous thoughts for sure; but being frightened can also come from the enlightened realization that if you love and live with all your heart, you will absolutely feel the grief that is a part of the formula of experiencing life as human. Denial of any of your senses will never give you freedom from them. 

Each time you follow your deepest desires, both trepidation and thrill will be there waiting; writhing their hands like mad scientists, sending signals of danger and delight. And you, the YOU that can tell the difference between each and every sentiment, you are suddenly challenged by your life. Will you move in the direction you truly want to go and savor every sensation along the way? Or will you look for short cuts around the ones that make you uncomfortable? 

The deepest longings of your spirit are rarely concerned with the practical details of being alive. Your achings will always feel more important than your pension plans and current commitments. And that’s what’s really scary. Because if you sit down and listen to your yearnings, you will realize that the only thing that keeps you from moving toward them is terror of changing your present circumstances. 

Passion will push you to the edge of the line that you have drawn in the sand of your mind. The one that subconsciously says to your soul, “this is as far as I will go, this is as much as I will risk.” These invisible boundaries, once set because they made sense, may no longer be serving you well. And crossing them, expanding them may not always result in fulfillment. But what you will discover if you do is a deeper knowledge of yourself. Of the galaxy of cosmic beauty and universal majesty that the story of your life is telling mankind. 

Everything, including being stretched enough to go where you’ve never gone before, is a wondrous experience, if you are living possibility through the filter of your heart. It’s okay if it suffer some cracks along the way. Because the cracks let in the light as much as they let it out. There is only one reason to ever deny, and that is to deny denial. For resistance to truth, shying away from your inner and divine awareness of your built in desires will hold you back from a multitude of magical learning. Growth doesn’t come without a price dear ones, but it’s worth the cost, every single time. 

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human©2016 #denial #enlightenment #dearhuman #sherieckert

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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4 Responses to DENYING DENIAL

  1. Dear Human says:

    It’s often my own predicament Aurore. So it’s easy to remind others as I’m reminding myself! ❤️

  2. Dear Human says:

    Ha! I agree. We should fly be that dear a little more often. ⚜💫⚜

  3. Thank you Sheri, and beautifully said. Currently using my magic carpet as we speak, no time to look at the lines in the sand, better to fly by the seat of my pants 😀

  4. Aurore2014 says:

    Very wise post! that’s the truth that most of us still won’t to accept and prefers to stay behind that line on the sand… unfortunately! Thanks for remind us all this, dear Sheri. ❤

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