Dear Human,

We heal ourselves with the simple things. By remembering the grass is green exactly where we water it, and discovering how to bloom where we are planted. We realign with our beautiful and original well-being by reflecting upon the innocent and pure imagination that captured our youth, and allowing it to illuminate our maturation. We self-correct by permitting curiosity about ourselves, others, and the universe, to grow stronger within, letting our inner beauty naturally unfold. We stretch our magnificent and mysterious minds by believing in that which we do not see, and somehow seeing what is yet to be. Uncovering or revealing the authentic you might sound scary, strange, foreign, and even difficult. Yet in all reality, it is simply the practice of learning to be mindful of how you feel about everything you encounter, both internally and externally, when life is doing everything to distract you from tuning in. And in so doing, the art of self-observation inherently and positively affects not only your own personhood, but everything and everyone you are connected to. Inner work is the practice of being the change you wish to see, and by so doing impacting in a positive and intimate way, the world that you call home.

Your Fellow Space Traveler~

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6 Responses to INNER WORK

  1. Dear Human says:

    Listening takes great skill. I am glad you are mastering it. That makes me happy!

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