Dear Human,

That story that you’re embarrassed about, stop already. Share it. It will inspire others to bring their skeletons out of the closet too, offering many their first real taste of liberation.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #shame #liberation #dearhuman #sherieckert

About Dear Human

Specializing in Transformation and Mindful Living | Core Blogger for The Wellness Universe | Creator of Dear Human and The Other Side of Ugly
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9 Responses to ABOUT YOUR STORY

  1. PapaBear says:

    Hi Sweet Pea !
    Can’t afford to keep skeletons in any my closets. Don’t have that much spare storage space. They’d just clutter the place anyway ! Hugs 🙂

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  2. rhondarhoda says:

    Thank you for the boost of encouragement. I am new to blogging and went back and forth in my mind about what I wanted to express. Thank you again

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  3. I shock many people with my forthrightness…but then, that is how they now accept me.
    Thank you Sheri, our truth is what glows in this world 🙂

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  4. being embarrassed has never helped me accomplish anything useful

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  5. Aurore2014 says:

    Yes! 😉


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