Dear Human,

What does authentic acceptance look like? 

It manifests as the visible and tangibles of divine love. It is very different from tolerance, for tolerance still sits behind dislike and disfavor. To be tolerant is not strength, it is not compassion or even kindness. It is fake love. 

Acceptance on the other hand is acknowledging the diversity of humanity. It is looking out at every being and seeing their own personal magic. It is knowing that there are multiple right ways to write the stories of life. Acceptance is allowing your mind to be stretched so wide that galaxies of love can live in it, with wonder as her companion.

In your sacred essence there exists so much knowledge. Part of the holiness of humanity is that it is a direct reflection of Source. Don’t let the smallness of your mind and often erroneous ego keep you from dancing with the mystery of existence. You my beloveds are beautiful beings full of cosmic wisdom. Don’t let it sit, buried beneath the wall of perception; behind the limitations of your minds filters in receiving and interpreting information from out there. Instead, go inside and find it, for it is more valuable than gold, more brilliant than diamonds, and more desirable than fame. 

Sagacity is allowing life to unfold from your spirit into your mind and then flow out into the pool of universal consciousness. Exploring your self and the awareness that you are, learning to read the blueprint of your majestic, magical, and most miraculous presence will reveal to you and all who see you, just how magnificent you are. For in the code of your spiritual software, there is no symbols of tolerance my beloveds, only acceptance. Tolerance is the terrible outcome of closed minds. But you, in your glorious and original form, can transcend it. 

I sincerely hope you do.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #acceptance #divinity #spirituality #dearhuman #sherieckert

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Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  2. Dear Human says:

    Ha! I love learning new words too Q. It’s really good for our brains. Be well my friend!

  3. Dear Human says:

    I agree Ivsrao. We must naturally and authentically learn to be more accepting.

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  5. Dear Human says:

    Thank you Christoph, wow, I appreciate this. I know reviews are your specialty so I feel very, very, honored. Stay well my friend.

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