Dear Human,

You can’t become what you need and want to be by remaining who and what you are. You know this in your magnificent mind yet you feel resistance to it. And understandably so, because change isn’t always easy. It IS however ever happening. Doesn’t it make better sense to collaborate with it, by being the instigator of transformation rather than the one who gets caught off guard by the way change often introduces herself.

When you make a commitment to look inside at your own true self, and to adjust the areas of your unique “personality” that have developed around your original and sacred identity (most likely to protect you), you will surely find that so many of these self built filters that you perceive your reality with, are old, dirty, and in a deep state of disrepair. You may likely discover that the way you respond to life as it unfolds is habitual, not intentional, and may no longer be healthy, but actually harmful to your own well being. This realization can be depressing and heavy without the help of hope. Hope is a powerful framework of thought. It serves as the wellspring from which all other good emotions emerge.

What is hope you ask? Hope is the basic belief that good things will happen.

Hope creates possibilities. Hope instills in you a sense of expectation and anticipation that what you want can come true; especially if what you want is to be a better person. You can hope that your tomorrow will be better than every today. You can hope that your personal change will impact your mind for a happier, healthier way of viewing and living life. Because what influences your intellect my beloveds, governs your tender emotions, guides your thoughtful response to them, and ultimately shapes the outcome of your mystical and magical everyday living.

By choosing to be self observant, to dig deep into the areas of pain (and possible shame) that you have so carefully avoided for so many years, by probing for the purpose of spiritual growth as well as mental evolution, you restore hope in your innate ability to be the person you were designed to be. Exchanging tolerance for acceptance becomes your new way of seeing differences. Replacing disinterest with curiosity and compassion begins to guide your concern for self and others. Removing the broken bricks of fear, worry, anxiety, and indifference from the foundation of beauty that you entered this life with, restores you to your original cosmic beauty. By addressing the darkness that tries so diligently to cover your sacred and complete being, you will discover the divine fortitude that you were born with. You will see that you do indeed possess courage, that it’s written on the tablet of your heart; and that bravery is a part of your authentic essence.

Good things often come to those who believe, better things often come to those who are patient, and the best things often come to those who don’t give up. Carry on then dear ones, in the art of unbecoming that which isn’t really you. Be who you were created to be, not molded to be by society or environment, and you will set the world on fire.

Today is another chance for you to get things right, so start it with the magic of hope. Let it be the cushion and the buffer that you need when challenges and hardship arise. Because hope my friends, goes hand and hand with love. And love conquers all, encourages all, inspires all, and heals all. It is the inner armor of the wise ones who are practicing the art of sacred attention. An art that is meant for everyone, not just the few. Let hope also shield you, that you may find your path, as that is what it has always been meant to do. To lead you moment by moment into the tent of collective consciousness. Because it is only in this holy place of unity and oneness, where everything touches everything on purpose, where natural intelligence and its creation (of which you are a part) can commune. And in this communion, I promise you there is rest.

Your Fellow Space Traveler~

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #hope #sacredattention #evolution #sherieckert #dearhuman

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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9 Responses to RESTORING HOPE

  1. Rob says:

    You are quite welcome

  2. Rob says:

    You are so full of wisdom and keen insight. Fantastic work

  3. Dear Human says:

    YOU Cindy. Happy holidays my friend ❤️

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