Dear Human,

You are not alone in wanting to be “better” than you perceive yourself in this moment to be. Understandably most of you want to be your very best. But do you not know that you already are? Within you is everything. Goodness, kindness and compassion is your true essence. Your most delicate state of being, your deepest nature which you are and ever shall be, is love. In you is final perfection, eagerly walking with you through your moments and hours of imperfection. But in you it is. As beings composed of flesh for the moment and spirit forever, walking with this understanding leads you to places that are otherwise invisible and inaccessible. Friendships manifest because of love. Children are birthed because of love. Earth is cared for because of love. Pain, grief, and loneliness are healed because of love. And you are complete, because you are love. The key to your success here on earth is knowing your core identity. Love.

There is something miraculous about your existence that no hardship, no violation to you or by you can ever erase. You are pure loving presence, endowed with glorious awareness and majestic will. This is your permanent identity. This is who you are and it is that which no one can ever steal from you. You can bury it behind resentment, anger, unforgiveness, and many other energies no doubt. Yet if you peel away these impurities … there you are, as complete as ever.

After all is said and done, when time slips out of existence, when the earth crashes into the sun, you will carry on. The exact destination is unknown and that can be scary, I know. But do you hear the sweet whispers of your great creator, source of all that is and is yet to come, that you are indeed eternal? Because stardust is your mother, and energy your father, and love is the undying and indestructible blood that time and mankind can never destroy.

Tell me then fragile yet enduring you, why ever would you let your own errors and short comings shadow your authentic awe?

As you unfold my beloveds, you will have wrinkles. It is the way of all of life. But you are straightening out, to better reveal and re-align with your beautiful design, and the creases of your errors will fade. So be of good cheer then will you. Don’t allow your wandering mind and the words of others who have yet to learn to manage their emotions and curb their tongue, keep you from remembering your very own majesty.

You are not, nor have you ever been your mistakes. You are a marvelous, mystical, miraculous human, yet sentient being. And you are finished and yet becoming. This is the paradox of life and knowing it is paramount to your triumphant transition into all that you all ready are.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #identity #dearhuman #sherbessieckert #enlightenment

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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