Dear Human,
Everyday that you awaken you are tasked with the work. Not going to your place of employment. Not getting the kids off to school or the house cleaned. Those are your jobs. And they matter. Yet the sacred work still remains. It is your ultimate purpose, from which you will derive your deepest and most meaningful pleasure. 

In your marvelous make-up you are meant to spend most of your waking energy living in that space between full and overflowing. It is that dimension between perfectly imperfect and perfect imperfection. It is the place where you take your already complete self, and work on it. It is performing the duty of polishing the power that is already within you. 

This masterful work involves sharpening your innate ability to see others with the eyes of love, kindness, and compassion. Just this. To make yourself shine from the inside out. To take everything that is already spectacularly magnificent about your miraculous existence, and make it blindingly brilliant, is the holy work. 

The work is a job performed with passion. A labor that is performed with the most delicate touch upon self. An effort that is exercised regularly because it makes you better, and better, and better.
Lay down the weight of the temporal burdens my beloveds. Earning a living is very important, everyone must toil under the sun. But making a difference in people’s lives is permanent. I suspect that the giving of a tender touch, a sincere smile, or a gentle affirmation, is an energy that you carry throughout your eternal existence. Use it.

Set your heart on the inside projects. Everyday is your opportunity to engage yourself with the occupation of being a better you. And by so doing, you create a better us. This is the sacrosanct work my beloveds. The building up of one another to expand understanding and explode awareness for the collective good of humanity.  

May you know the majestic power of your being, just as the universe is blessed by your continual self-improvement. 

Your Fellow Traveler and Worker

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #consciousness #awaken #enlightenment #dearhuman #humanity #sherieckert

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. Dear Human says:

    Hi Friend. Happy Tuesday to you!

  2. PapaBear says:

    Hi, Sheri. Happy Tuesday ! 🙂

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