Dear Human,

Everyday, all day long, blessings are thrown your way. Some you sense and see easily, and others you often mistake for curses because they come wrapped in discomfort, embarrassment, pain and turmoil. But do you remember that you are a wonder of the universe? Do you rejoice in the fact that life is actually for you? Do you give thanks to Source for sending you little (or big) gifts that are designed to enhance and bring out the divine in you? 

Divorces, deaths, financial trouble, wars and broken friendships don’t feel like gifts do they my beloveds? 

But I assure you that you are not here, in this brief period of time, experiencing this magical part of the history of humanity, to be tossed about on waves of woe or thrown into pits of despair for no reason. 

These situations are the presents that can impact your presence within self. They work to get you to stop looking out and look at you. They serve as an endless reconnection to the vastness of the universe. They are the heavenly sufferings that are intended to bring you into the magnificent light of existence. They allow you to illuminate this planet with the glory that has been planted within you from the very beginning … if you choose to let them. 

Being happy comes from that place that knows you are not an accident. It starts with being aware that all circumstances, as tough as they might feel, are for your good and not your destruction. If you allow them, they will empower you to pull out from within your sacred essence the wisdom, the knowledge and the intuition that already abides within you. 

Accepting that there is a deeper and more profound meaning to your extraordinarily marvelous being can guide you to the highest heights of happiness. Even in the midst of chaos. 

You are not here amongst this incredible, if often thoughtless humanity, to get caught up in the storms of lessons, but rather to learn from them. All things that feel unjust can be aligned within you to reveal a part of you that you might not remember existed.

When you can wrap your head around your own miraculous and supremely meticulous design, you will find that your pain is meant to be converted to gain. 
You are this universes only alchemists. You are the ones who have been endowed with the ability to take something seemingly ugly and find the beauty on the other side. Just you. Not the stars, nor the trees. Not the mountains nor the ocean. Not the animals, insects, nor the reptiles. Just you.
So the next time you find an undesirable package in your lap, take a closer look at it. It’s most likely a blessing that’s been wrapped in the paper of problems. And these too must be welcomed.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2017 #happiness #blessings #dearhuman

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. Needed to read this today, thanks for posting! Hope to see you doing so more again soon 🙂

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