Dear Human,

More often than not, you perceive your state of mind as your authentic state of being. Dazed and confused by the call to be the light, you subconsciously elect to walk in another’s shadow. For too many years you have conformed. Fear of rejection has moved you to resist the urge to color outside the circle. Your desire to be accepted feels bigger than the opportunity to be right, and so you have ignored your instinct and rejected the wisdom of your intuition. Little by little you have submerged yourself in the darkness of worldly acceptance. Slowly but surely, the original, mysterious, and utterly magnificent you, has been torn asunder.

But you are not the dark shape produced by another mans essence. You are not the silhouette between the ray of their original light and the surface of extraordinary existence. You have forgotten you are perfectly beautiful on your own. You are a marvelous extension of the living universe. A crisply defined feature of love, molded in the image of the brilliant form of your creator. You have been designed to cast your own distinct shadow as you shine the splendor of your majesty. In the wonder of your birth, the light of the cosmos has been sewn into your essence, that all might see and be mesmerized by your brilliant being.
Repair your tears by remembering your sacred self. Mend your battered heart my beloveds, and piece back together your miraculous being. Understand that your flaws are a part of the fabric of your existence. Know that it is weaved into your humanity to have thoughts and feelings that get confused by the daily pressures of human life. Accept and honor your history exactly as it is, and then move on. Remember that you are masterly crafted with limitations, yet magically fashioned with impossible strengths. You, your mistakes, and your sufferings, are nothing less than the light of this world.

So shine. Move away from the brillamce or darkness cast by another beong or by a current social construcy my beloveds, and be the light you already are.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2016 #light #perfection #humanity #beauty #dearhuman #enlightened #sherieckert

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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10 Responses to TORN ASUNDER

  1. Dear Human says:

    Lol! If I could my friend, I definitely would!

  2. Ralph says:

    You would be very welcome Sheri ….. once this state of flux is completed ….. Natascha is finding us an apartment,, I am selling my apartment, preparing the cats to be moved with microchips and rabies shots on going,, sorting out the contents of the apartment for the removals. Once in Austria, the wedding is the first on the agenda. You are welcome to come and help me pack. lol 🙂 ❤

  3. Dear Human says:

    How about an invitation? ❤️

  4. Ralph says:

    You are so sweet Sheri ! Thank you so much your kind words and I wish you much happiness and love in your life dear friend 🙂 ❤

  5. Dear Human says:

    I will text you my friend. I’m sorry your wife has to have surgery. I’ll be praying. Xo to you both. The computers … they make me crazy. My number is public, and my address too. It’s on my FB page. Xoxox

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