Dear Human,

Life will often hand you challenges that seem insurmountable and it’s easier to not accept them, to stuff them, to ignore them, and worst of all, to cave into the fear of them. But you are full of giant courage that is craving to be tapped into. In your being there is enormous and perfect wisdom just waiting to be discovered. You have in your spirit, in your blood, in your DNA, the knowledge of the cosmos. Something that with the mind seems cryptic, and yet awaits your very summoning.

Please, don’t take the easy and most frequently trudged road when faced with difficulties. Anyone can do that, and many do. Instead, stop and listen to your intuition. Follow the sacred compass that entered this realm of existence with you, and is currently walking you home. Realize yourself. Connect with your innate ability to navigate your way through dark and often frightening situations.

Remember YOU are the light that dispels all darkness. You are the sentient being derived from the very depths and vast expanses of this seemingly incomprehensible universe. A space that models for you, your very own capacity to expand into even greater beauty. Be like that which brought you into being, and continues to do nothing but grow and reveal more astonishing mysteries of the great unknown. Because that is exactly who you are, a reflection of all that is known and not yet revealed.

My beloveds, you are not unfinished. You are truly whole, and with this holy life that you have been granted there is also divine knowing. Deep down inside, everything you need in order to be fully present during tough times, is written on the tablet of your heart.

If you believe this, it will manifest in your reality. For what you trust in is your teacher and your guide through this experience called humanness. No longer doubt yourself. Because as unsure as you might feel about you, the source of all life’s perplexities and the solution to all its seemingly impossible problems resides within you. It is simply your job to seek it, and once you begin, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

Dear Human© 2017 #dearhuman #inspiration #sherieckert

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. I’ll never forget that step Sheri, for when I told the universe that it was time to find my truth, I took that first step…and the universe came with me. And after each step a more profound awakening was felt…because I dared to look ❤ 😀
    Great post my friend, a journey we will all take, and very very navigable ❤

  2. mihrank says:

    this is very correct, the word challenge has many meaning and understanding. Your post today is showing the meaning of challenges, difficulties. Such powerful!!

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