Dear Human,

Though you might feel small, insignificant, without purpose, and often frightened of life itself, know this.

You are a reflection of everything that is, for in you the world witnesses a manifestation of the cosmos; a mirror of beauty and light which cannot be self made, handmade, man made, but rather is a mystery of the universe.

What else can be surmised but that you are a testimony of divine love. You are nothing less and nothing more than a representation of Sources deepest intention to express the beauty of existence and all it’s magic … through you.

You are not simple, you are complex, needed, wanted, and most of all designed to be the most magnificent expression of sacred intelligence and holy benevolence itself.

How spectacular you are indeed.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

🌎Dear Human© 2017 #sacred #love #sherieckert

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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1 Response to DIVINE IMAGES

  1. An expression of love…in all that we are Sheri, just like your words ❤

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