Dear Human,

Someday you will die and leave this earth behind. But on all the others days you won’t. So live them. Live them like the priceless gift they are. Live each new today with eyes wide open. See the beauty. Focus on the good. Feel the sun, snow, wind, rain and elements of your planet on your skin. Walk your feet upon earth’s ground. Star gaze. Climb trees. Go for drives. Look at other peoples homes and say to yourself, “There are people living their lives in there.” Be aware that every person in humanity is going through their own thing. Be thankful. See your blessings, not only your problems.

Someday you are going to die. True. But on all the other days you will not.



🌎Dear Human© 2015 #dearhuman #sherisbessi #mentalhealth #snoopy

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Certified Life Coach | Author of Dear Human and The Other Side of Ugly - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. alyxberesfordlisw says:

    Yes! Take time to be fully present and enjoy what you do have…not getting stuck in the depression of what we DON’T have…

  2. Dear Human says:

    My thanksgiving was great my friend. How was yours? I’m not on WP much myself. Just a drop here and there. I personally love winter and welcome it. Sending love your way.

  3. PapaBear says:

    Snoopy got it right !!! (and so did you), Sheri). Good to hear from you. I’ve been away from WP for a while but will be around more as the weather turns colder. Hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one. ……………………………xo

  4. Dear Human says:

    Yes I think so too!

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