Dear Human,

The only thing you can ever count on is that no matter your circumstances, they will change. From difficult to easy back to difficult again.

Accepting that hardship is where your character is stretched and refined, will make the transitional period of rebirth feel like the holy ritual that it is. It will allow you to see calm as a divine space, a sanctuary of rest during the transformative process. It is where the scars of your developmental years can be reviewed and mystical meaning can be made of each one.

Let your mind accept the lessons that are intended only to restore you to your beautiful sacred self. They are preparing you for the next spurt of remembering. Labor, labor, labor. For recollecting, like your first breath, is often birthed through pain.

Know that you are made of supreme strength my beloveds, able to withstand the spasms of spiritual labor. Your holiness wants only to be born again, to be realigned with the supernatural spirit that formed you from the dust of the cosmos.

Bring forth then, the you that is buried within the ego. For you are a majestic being, forming and unfolding in your very humanity – as you did in the womb of the woman that carried you.


Your Fellow Space Traveler ~


🌎Dear Human© 2018

About Dear Human

Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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  1. Lisa C says:

    Thank you for the inspiration Sheri and a reminder of the process of rebirth. Needed this today ❤

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