It’s deeply saddening how we are being forcefully encouraged to eat trash. Humanity is being lulled by the visions of another mans banquet of plenty. Tables filled with a plethora of deception covered in the sauce of lies and promises; tempted by first appearances, to partake of the meal, like its abundant delicacies will perpetually provide the stomach with a sense of being full. It’s profoundly pathetic that so many think of untethered, singular power, as the new nourishment of the future.

Only the few, probably those with the least amount of influence, will choose to walk away, hungry for real food, because they know it exists.

And all of it will likely have one outcome. Mental and spiritual starvation for the masses.

It’s heartbreaking how so many of the beloveds have forgotten that we are farmers. And now we are too lazy to till and fertilize the soil of our deeply rich mind, having been spoon fed by the grocers for far to long.

I suspect that many will become lethargic (if they aren’t already) and accept the rubbish, just to feed the intellect that desperately longs for the food of the gods. Not remembering that we, alchemic articulations of Source, are the keepers of the garden of knowledge and wisdom, and are ever responsible for tending it.

But we are slowly being told that it is in the weeds that we will find true sustenance, and that the grain was always the tare. And when and if the time comes, and the veils that drape the eyes of holy consciousness are lifted, let us hope it is not too late to heal the landscape.

How ever will we be able to dig up the buried treasures of inconceivable intelligence when we are too frail, too weak, to even scratch the the surface of the sacred soil of spirit?

Boom, the darkest of ages will explode.

And once again the caterpillars will wrestle to become butterflies. But maybe this time to comprehend that it is the butterfly that was meant to shed its illusory beauty and begin the ultimate transformative process.

I don’t know what that is, but I intuit that it will involve releasing the wings. Erasing the story that the ultimate goal was learning to fly. Perhaps it’s simpler and therefore very elusive. For without the individual beauty of the aphid that begs for comparison, just maybe “thought” will be free to connect directly, and magnificent awareness will give push to the rising of the collective and the revealing of the whole.

A Big Bang of understanding. A deeply felt oneness and connectivity to all that cannot be undone. Feeding instead on one another’s universal DNA, unleashing a force of acceptance birthed and sustained by love.

For I sense, I feel, I swim in this invisible perception of somethingness, that when we truly realize that we are all one, intrinsically, innately the same, there will be nothing left to destroy without realizing we are destroying our very selves.


Your Fellow Space Traveler ~


🌎Dear Human©️ 2018 #consciousness #transformation #love #power #freedom #awareness

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Professional Counselor | Author of Dear Human - A New Way of Thinking
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2 Responses to POLITICS

  1. Simon says:

    This is as always very thought provoking Sheri 🙂

  2. mihrank says:

    this is so fascinating and amazing – a great reminder and brings great energy…

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