Dear Human,

You are always changing, whether you or others see it or not. It would appear that life on earth has a singular goal; alchemy. The art of converting one thing into another, like the seed into a tree, the cloud into rain, and the infant into an adult.

Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, all of your effort, in the short period of time you have here on earth, should be invested in improving your innate beauty instead of trying to prove it. The universe seems to have declared that the only thing you can be totally accountable for … is yourself.

Metamorphosing, a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means, seems to be the common and concerted spiritual objective of humanity.

It is that which allows your divine compassion, your sacred love energy, your miraculous consciousness, to swell, to extend up to the heavens and participate in the creation of collective enlightenment.

Be so busy beloveds of the Beloved, that you don’t have time to pay attention to anything or anyone that distracts you from your growth.


Your Fellow Space Traveler ~


🌎Dear Human©️ 2020 #transformation #consciousness #enlightenment #dearhuman #sherieckert

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5 Responses to Transformation

  1. Dear Human says:

    Thank you sooo much Kimba. I’m going to try hard to blog at least once a week. I’m in the middle of a huge campaign to reform mental health care in Oregon. It’s consumed me. But the language is finally finished, the attorney general gave it a title, and it will be voted on next year during the 2020 general election. Whew!

  2. Sheri I truly love your posts! We are living in a time of awakening… a time to remember that which we’ve forgotten, a form of realty amnesia. Thank you for continuously reminding the many that which matters most. 💖Kimba

  3. Simon says:

    Love this Sheri 🙂

  4. Dear Human says:

    Thank you Mark! I’m heading over to your new site right now!

  5. Hey Sheri, I haven’t felt that lovely energy for ages 😀
    A great post as always, a reminder for me to go play in the mud occasionally 😀
    Thank you for sharing kind lady ❤️
    P.S. I have moved from the old site so if you wish to re-follow I’m now here Healing Your Heart From Within .

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