Dear Human,

Be beautiful, because you can. And even if you don’t feel like it, you already are.

What you practice in spite of what you feel re-aligns you to your core and utterly divine being. It puts you back on course to unfold as you were designed to, in majestic splendor. Don’t let your sacred spirit be overcome by your fragile emotions.

The circle is simple. What you think creates a feeling, an emotion. That emotion stimulates an action. That action turns into an outcome. And all outcomes return you to new self-talk and new emotions.

Keep your circle healthy by guarding your mind with all your heart and spirit. For you, the miraculous being of this magnificent and most intelligent universe, can be in control of your thoughts. For you are not what you think. You are the awareness behind the active and splendid mind.

Practice your innate super powers to strengthen your circle of growth. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Acknowledge them by name. For example, “right now I feel belittled”. Say it a few times. It gives space to the feelings which need to be acknowledged, and if necessary reduce if not eliminate the intensity. This then allows you to see that your mind is trying to make more of your experience. Now you can choose, “do I want to let this feeling continue, is this experience worth my time and energy and will it grow me?” Or, “Shall I not allow it in so that other feelings and experiences can be nourished.” You have to set an intention with your each and every choice. To invoke the goodness you want to give away and receive.

Be wise my beloveds. In your intrinsic being you are tenderness, kindness, and compassion. Your essence is pure and unconditional love. None of your authentic self is weak or despairing. Ever.

Reclaim your consciousness and by so doing, you will flourish into the wonder that you already are.

Your Fellow Space Traveler~

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Dear Human,

Feeling alone helps you remember that connectivity to humanity makes you feel richer, fuller, and more profoundly understood. It is a sensation that must be experienced if you are to comprehend the depth of sacred and holy togetherness. Your divine being craves a sense of belonging, because you have always been more than an independent entity. Instead you are truly an interdependent cosmic being. Accept that the moments of feeling lonely are strong reminders that somewhere along the way you have forgotten your own true and divine identity. You have gotten out of alignment with your holistic self; body, soul, and mind. Remembering this when those fearful moments of disconnect arise will help you to pass through it and come out unscathed by the experience. Instead my beloved, you will unfold the way that you should, as a integral part of a sacrosanct body of oneness.

Your Fellow Space Traveler ~

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When all else fails … float.

Love ~ Sheri

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