Welcome to my services page. Please note that this is an overview and if you don’t see what you are looking for, don’t worry, together we will come up with something that best suits your need. The Other Side of Ugly is my story of healing and growth. From it Innerwork, a private counseling practice, coaching services, and a Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Program was birthed. As a once upon a time victim of horrific intimate partner abuse, I have elected to help solve earths, and particularly couples violence problems, by loving and educating the offender through psycho-education.

Heal the one who hurts people, and the world gets a little better.

Currently my practice is located in Portland, Oregon. I do however offer individual sessions via Skype. Other programs are focused on self-observation, the art of mindfulness, and healthy communication, are offered in group format. My mission is to inspire awareness, healing, and growth through a variety of channels, such as innovative methods drawn from existential, humanistic, psychospiritual, cognitive-behavioral, and eastern traditions. All the while delivering a uniquely potent environment for relational development. I see beauty and complexity in each individual and am motivated to facilitate your growth process.

Coaching and Counseling Services -Counseling and therapeutic services differ slightly in focus from coaching. While counseling and therapy emphasize healing, coaching can include healing but is more oriented toward strategy and achievement. Collaborative coaching sessions emphasize personal skills, strengths, and resources in support of attaining your desired goals. Whether your objectives are for personal or professional development and well-being, coaching services aim to clarify an individualized “practice” that facilitates confidence, courage, wisdom, and success.

My interest is in working with anyone who desires self-understanding, personal growth, healthy relationships, and effective engagement in the community. Whether you are experiencing emotional challenges, navigating a big change, or simply wanting to improve your habits and overall outlook, it would be my honor to help you achieve an effective state of mind.

Services can be provided in person, via Skype or using FaceTime. Please contact me at 858.337.5709 to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.


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