About Me



I am just a girl, I exist, I am a human just like you.

I search daily for some sanity in my humanity.

I have passion and life experiences that inspire me to write about The Other Side of Ugly through these Letters to Humanity.

Shortly after turning 16, I had complications from a botched surgery and hemorrhaged until my heart stopped beating. It stayed without a beat for 3 long minutes. I experienced what many call a near death experience (NDE).

For me it was not what most people say they experience … a beautiful light at the end of a tunnel and a sense of well-being. Yes I saw a different world or a different sphere or plane of existence. Yes I realized that death was just the beginning of something different. I even felt welcomed. But I also felt frightened. I didn’t want to leave Earth. I knew in that moment that I was a fragile human who was born dying; a sentient being with limited time on this beautiful blue dot we call Earth. This experience opened my eyes to the fact that I am truly more than flesh and bone. I am also essence.

I realized that being HUMAN is a gift.

I also understood in that moment that I needed to come to grips with the truth of the cost of belonging to the noble race of humanity ~ PHYSICAL DEATH. Knowing that I am dying surely makes me live more fully.

How deeply I wish the same for you. Consciousness is knowing and embracing your circumstances and that which is true and inevitable. It is not fearing them but rather facing them.

I hope as you read my writings that you can catch a glimpse of what is inside of my heart. I hope that you too will discover that you are not here on earth alone together to suffer for nothing.

Thank you for walking on this journey with me.

Dearest human, something wonderful awaits you every day.


493 Responses to About Me

  1. bear414 says:

    I have to remember that is there problem. I can’t please everybody I am going to please myself. Ricky Nelson. I am going to get the guitar out.

  2. bear414 says:

    The pleasure was all mine. I am trying to repeat to myself. I am ok. Sheri said so forget it. She promised. I am not sure everyone would agree with you

  3. Dear Human says:

    It was a pleasure speaking with you precious man.

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